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Chick-fil-A President Deletes Anti-Gay Tweet Post-DOMA Ruling

Just in case you were thinking it's finally okay to head back to Chick-fil-A, Dan Cathy the chicken-chain's President is reminding you that it's not.

Cathy tweeted and then subsequently deleted this gem following the Supreme Court's DOMA smackdown:

Yeah, go cluck yourself. 

Chick-fil-A released a statement regarding Cathy's disappearing Tweets, saying:

"He realized his views didn't necessarily represent the views of all customers, restaurant owners and employees and didn't want to distract them from providing a great restaurant experience." the company said.


Does anyone else get the sense that Cathy's like that elderly relative that says terrible things at dinner and just makes the entire family uncomfortable? 


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Im a bit confused... looks like he posted it from his personal twitter account.... There are plenty of people who post their personal opinions no matter how moronic the opinion may be. How is this comment in anyway affiliated with CFA... is this comment here considered to be a representation of the multi billion dollar international company i work for? 

Good point. So let me ask you this... If Barack Obama tweeted something from his personal Twitter account and not from the official POTUS Twitter account, would you view it as the tweet of a private citizen who should be allowed to say anything he wants, or would you see it was Obama and immediately think, "Oh, President of the United States thinks _____" (fill in the blank with the hypothetical tweet).

The truth of the matter is -- if you are a public figure and are associated with a particular office, organization, company, etc., then your personal views will be associated with that office, organization, company, whether you like it or not. If Tom Brady tweets some racial slur, it will inevitably be linked to the New England Patriots. If Bill Gates tweets some homophobic comment, it will inevitably be linked to Microsoft. And Dan Cathy IS Chick-fil-A ... whether he likes it or not.

Well said.

He is totally bi-curious! Such a great observation...perhaps he was reaching out for help to finally come out of the pantry! 

This my gems is simply something we do everyday, take a stand for what we believe in.

I can't fault him for that, but his PR people we can flack until the cows come home.

Anyways I think he looks bi-curious in this pic. ;)

I can and do fault him for taking a stand against equality.  It can be couched as a personal, moral, religious or whatnot "belief", but in the end what he is saying is "You are not my equal.  You are beneath me and I expect you to be treated as such.  Just like it's always been."  

Tommy give it time, not everyone can be as progressive and I don't expect these types to be early adopters of what has come to be.

Regardless of what they think it is and always will be their opinion and we can only approach them with the respect that they deny us, we have to be the change we want to see.

Stooping to their level would only empower them to blast generalizations regarding our choice.

See him for what he is an bully with a soapbox. We'll still be here when he's gone, that I promise you!

Sad day for Chick Fil A franchisees who are not bigoted like Dan Cathy as their income will suffer becuase of one man's bigotry.

Absolutely and they should sue him personally for damages should the see ANY drop in business. They probably won't because those darn waffle fries are too good. He is really gambling though! 

Remind me to never eat at this place!!! I don't not support ignorance!!

Some of the founding fathers would also be unhappy that white people  don't get to own black people any more. So was Emancipation a "sad day" also?

He's like Drunk Uncle on SNL

The Founding Fathers supported Freedom so they would be resting fine in their graves. Get over it.

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