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Why Are Insects Having Gay Sex?

So you're super curious about gay sex among insects this Friday?

Totally normal. We stumbled across an account of a recent study on the subject and we admit, we we were pretty fascinated too. Read on!

According to Discovery News, when it comes to gay sex, insects sometimes seem to do it by accident. (Us toooooo!!!)

DN writes: "....insects seem to mistakenly partake in it in a hasty attempt to secure mates.

'They have evolved to mate quick and dirty,' said study co-author Inon Scharf, an evolutionary ecologist at Tel Aviv University. 'They grab every opportunity to mate that they have because, if they become slow, they may give up an opportunity to mate.'

In some cases, males carry around the scent of females they have just mated with, sending confusing signals to other perusing males. In other cases, males and females look so similar to one another that males cannot tell if a potential mate is a female until he mounts 'her' and prepares for the act, Scharf said.


Other studies do, however, show evidence of more intentional and malicious motivations behind homosexual insect sex. Male butterflies, moths and wasps, for example, use same-sex encounters to distract competitors from potential female mates. Certain beetles have even been found to use same-sex mounting as a way to spread sperm to other males that may then pass it along to the next female he mounts, though this mechanism does not appear to be very effective.

Since male insect anatomy is not designed to accept male genitals, improper penetration can cause bodily damage in aggressively competing mates. This anatomy blocker is not a problem for all species, since not all insect sex involves penetration. Even so, one study found that certain male insects have developed female-like genitals to lower the risk of damage from homosexual penetration."


So basically male insects have gay sex because "dude looks like a lady" and/or they're actively trying to cock block and perpetuate their own genetic line.


We still maintain that if these guy-bugs slowed down and gave it a real shot, they'd probably like it!


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