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Gay Porn Star Vito Gallo Jailed After Assaulting Michael Lucas

They've made the mainstream press, y'all! 

28-year-old gay porn star Richard Caswell, who performs under the name Vito Gallo was thrown in jail under charges of trespassing after he barged into Michael Lucas's studio in New York City and attacked the porn mogul. 

Apparently Caswell, who is a former Navy sailor and is a Lucas Entertainment exclusive performer, was upset that he isn't getting more work from the studio. 

The New York Post reports:

Although he’s not charged with assault, video footage appears to show the tall porn actor push and strike Lucas in the neck and shoulder as the skin flick titan tries to call cops.

“He just stormed into our offices and started beating people up,” claimed Lucas.  “Several people locked themselves into the editing suite. You had to see his eyes the veins bulging on his forehead. It was scary.”

For his part, Michael Lucas doesn't appear to be holding a grudge and he's apparently baffled by Caswell's complaints: 

"We were using him all the time,” said Lucas. “He’s very popular, he’s very good looking and he’s one of my top four performers. We’d love him to return if he goes through very serious anger management and see a shrink.”

Something tells us Mr. Caswell/Gallo will be back. 

FYI, this is Caswell leaving court on Monday. He sure does clean up nicely!


(Editor's Note: We hate it when our former cover guys get into trouble!)

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This is false. Currently, this case based been dismissed & this other party continually shows zero creditablity. Get a life people!!!

I'll bet there are two sides to this story.  We'll see if the other side has a few words to share.  I have met "Vito"/Richard a few times and he doesn't seem like a roid rage type at all.  And Lucas can be very manipulative - he's the one that used threats to intimidate the NY Gay/Lesbian Center to not let any pro-Palestinian Rights groups speak there.

No offense, but for all his business acumen, if you met Lucas, you'd take a swing at him within five minutes.

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During my time in porn, I’ve dealt with Michael Lucas. So I know how full of sh*t he is FIRSTHAND. There are many other stories on my blog to back it up as well. So you’ll get no argument from me about how Michael Lucas deserves every bit of that attack. And he is, like most porn directors, an abusive PIMP. Hence the ONLY reason he’ll take back Richard Caswell (a.k.a. Vito Gallo). It’s because to Michael Lucas, Vito Gallo is just another cash cow.

Vito looks quite nelly!

Roid rage.

I did the same thing at my job last Tuesday.  Sometimes you have to be clear what you want.


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