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New Website Tells You If You're Gay


Humans of straight and gay persuasion alike have attempted to suss out homosexuals based on physical characteristics for centuries. Recent studies (including one out of Prague I told you about in 2013) have even attempted to link facial shape and sexual orientation, with a modicum of success. Artists Kim Asendorf and Ole Fach of the Netro collective have turned their curiosity of the phenomenon and the potential homophobia behind it into a new project, Gay Check Online

Upon visiting the retro-dystopian-futuristic website, users' faces are immediately scanned by their webcams. A statement on the website explains that the image is then matched with the latest data on facial features and their homosexual implications, which allows Gay Check to surmise the visitor's sexual orientation. The verdict is revealed in unmistakable size 785 font, and presented alongside a soundtrack reminiscent of Blade Runner

I kicked's tires (pictured above) and found that it—like most who've had access to my live webcam feed over the years—understood without question that I am gay.

Animal New York says it's not just me. Everyone who uses Gay Check Online is determined to play for our team, even if they identify as straight.

Turns out, that's the whole point.

“Gay Check Online is not a practical tool but a statement," Asendorf told Animal. "This tool is as ridiculous as homophobia. It is a fun way to deal with the topic while the discussion itself is quite dumb and awkward for all of us.” 

If that perspective alone feels eerie, the artist's deeper explanation of the project might tingle your spine.

“Reminds us a little of some Nazi studies," Asendorf continues, "where they try to figure out how the ‘only real aryan’ has to look like and how you could control it."

Putin's probably already asking Netro for rights to the technology...



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Ok, first two comments...fu@king, RELAX, both make no sense in your statements

Some people today are still living in the days of the 1900's apparently. Sad. They wanna stay in an erra where nobody but the straight have any rights to do anything or have anything these days. Do they need remining that even women once had to fight to get their right to vote? Ate we so far gone that it takes a stranger to remind us where we once were? I guess we do. Even sadder yet is the harsh reality that nobody likes to be proven wrong. We don't need to push each other down,but help each other up whenever we fall. Even if we are lesbian,gay,bi,trans,or straight. No wan or woman should ever be or feel hurt in any way,form,or fashion. Hurting each other over the littlest things needs to stop. Getting to know each other before we hurt each other would make this crazy world a lot better place for us to live in. 

This type of act torwards people today can be read as homophobic and very mean and even as hateful. It is. People today are just wanting love and are finding it everywhere it is shown to them,even if by people their families don't agree with or in ways their families don't agree with. Just because you don't agree with someone in your family finding love in the arms of somebody of the same sex doesn't make it wrong. The only wrong thing here is making them feel hated or judged just because you don't agree with their new lifestyle choices. We are either born lesbian,gay,bi,trans,or straight. You are the way you are meant to be. PERIOD. 

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This is funny.

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