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Homophobic Federal Judge's Gay Porn Past Exposed?

The Alabama Bureau of Investigations (ABI) is looking into images that appeared on then-popular gay porn site Badpuppy.com in the '90s. Reportedly working on a few tips, the ABI is concerned that the full-frontal images feature federal circuit Judge Bill Pryor. If the ABI confirms that the images are in fact those of the conservative Bush-appointee, there is a chance Pryor could be indicted for falsifying his background during his Congressional confirmation hearings. According to LegalSchnauzer, Congress commonly asks federal judicial appointees about "potentially embarrassing or compromising information in their backgrounds." Sources indicate that Pryor was aware the pics were public on the gay site (which was dubbed the "Wal Mart of gay porn") in 1997, a few years ahead of his appointment. 

Pryor reportedly posed for the shots while he was a student at Northeast Louisiana University from 1980 - 1984, and sources indicate that the porn appeared in print during that time before finding new life on the Internet in the '90s. 

But that's not the juicy part. 

Judge Pryor is a notoriously staunch right wing conservative. Though he was cool with gay guys ogling his fully erect, full frontal naked self, he's not cool with gays and lesbians walking the streets as free people. According to People for the American Way, Judge Pryor "would deny gay men and lesbians the equal protection of the laws. He believes that it is constitutional to imprison gay men and lesbians for expressing their sexuality in the privacy of their own homes and has voluntarily filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court urging the Court to uphold a Texas law that criminalizes such private consensual activity."

Of course, Pryor insists the pictures are not him, though apparently, a republican colleague in Alabama was quick to confirm that they are. "Holy cow, that's Bill Pryor!" he said.

Nobody should be fired for moonlighting in mainstream porn. But when you're a jurist who swings the gavel with a righteous ultra-conservative "traditional" values bent and seek to oppress a sexual minority, your past in porn should definitely be exposed. Justice, is the right word, yes?

Pryor denies he did porn in college and the investigation is ongoing, so take it all with a grain of salt. But do you think these pics are of Judge Pryor?

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Use the Facebook ID software. See what comes up.

It's definitely him. Look at the eyes, one larger than the other. The two photos match perfectly. As does the chin, jaw line, hair growth pattern and nose. (Note: some noses grow with age). But it's the eyes that really give it away.

Were this person a democrat and not a judge,  I wonder just how many of you bleeding heart conservative seekers of justice, would be putting such effort in making excuses for his actions, so earnestly looking for ways to discredit the photos and blaming the entire situation on someone else.  This is the type of justice we can expect or see coming from the right.  Give us strength and open the eyes of those who go through life with their eyes shut and even more remove those who cannot be truly fair and just.

you mean the way the Clintons and the left media attacked Bill Clinton's accusers...really!

The following link is his picture from the 1984 yearbook of Northeast Louisiana University (Now, University of Louisiana at Monroe.)

He's the last one on the right.


I don't think there's anything wrong with what he did back in the day... who cares.

But I absolutely care about his actions today - homophobia from the Federal bench must not tolerated ... anymore than we'd tolerate anti-Semitism or racial bigotry from a sitting Judge.

theres a resemblance but different lips/nose/eyebrows imo

Yep, that's seems about right.


If that really is him, it shouldn't subject him to any disciplinary action.   That may be the only decent thing he's ever done in his life.

In looking closely at the nose and eyes of the guy in the lower-most picture, there are structural differences that really point to it not being the same person -- in particular, the picture of the judge at the top of the article has a mouth that is clearly significantly longer than the mouth of the guy in the photo.  Additionally, the younger man's nose is not as broad, and check out the way the judge's outer eyebrows trace into a downward arc around his eyes; the younger man's outer eyebrows are so significantly higher that it's tough for me to imagine that even 20 years of aging could account for that dramatic of a structural difference.  I kind of think it's sucky to be hypothesizing about any citizen's potential guilt before due process has played out, but we Americans sure seem to love to do that.

Actually the pic above this one looks more like him

It's hard to tell whether or not that's really him.  There's a Big Black Box covering his most identifiable feature.

The headline says Pryor's "gay porn" past is exposed, but if this is him  --  and i doubt it  --  it's looks like it is just a "porn" past.  I don't see anything gay about a male being naked and solo..

Plus, I doubt he would use his real name, as the ad suggests.

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"gay porn past" refers to the fact that these pictures were made available in gay porn publications. 

Decent story: only lacked a couple of things that really SHOULD have been there, since the ABI has not yet charged him.

First thing was something that was hinted at, but then ignored, which would have moved the story up to great reporting. In the first paragraph, "there is a chance Pryor could be indicted for falsifying his background during his confirmation hearings." It would have firmed up the story a lot if the author had stated exactly what would be considered falsifying his background. Was he asked if he posed nude for gay porn while still a college student? Until it comes down officially that the pics are his, right now it's purely speculation that needs to be proven.

Additional information that would have been important would be if he's been harder (no pun intended) on members of the LGBT community. Putting his rulings from the bench in contrast to this charge would have been perfect.

As now, it reads like a Hollywood gossip column of the 1940's. More innuendo than actual article.

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I appreciate this feedback, humbly accept the peppering of compliments (a blogger for a gay mag being compared to a golden age gossip columnist? i'll take it!) and agree that there are some areas, (as with any story) that could be fleshed out, however unrelated they are to the main thrust of my blog.

For now, with the investigation ongoing and Pryor denying the charge, we're left with nothing BUT innuendo to go on. It is fact that Pryor is frighteningly anti-gay for someone of his stature, evidence of which is readily available on public record and above as I have sourced. As to your first nugget of feedback, I'm no legal expert, but sources indicate that if these are in fact pictures of Pryor, he could be accused of falsifying testimony before Congress as federal judicial appointees are commonly asked "about potentially embarrassing or compromising information in their backgrounds" (LegalSchnauzer).    

Hope that helps. Again, thanks for the fantastic comment!

Hell yeah it's him!! he know and we know it1 he is just another typical hypocritical jackass who hates the fact that he has been exposed!!

I think it's going to come out that he was too young to be in those photos and in that case, he deserves his privacy... No matter how awful of a person he has become since then.  Even someone who is 18, in my opinion, is a little too young and impressionable to decide whether or not they want their wanger all over the place.

Is it possible that he was abused and lured into porn at too early of an early age and now holds a grudge?  I think his parents might be the ideal people to question about their family's past...

Of course they are---having been raised in rural small town Alabama, I can attest to the severity of homophobia which is still troublesome today.  Sadly, Pryor is but one of many who find their way into the legal system with a shady past; however, Bill Pryor is one of the most horrid homophobic assholes in the federal court system.  Remove him, permanently!

Let us assume, that it is..some place some where people still have this old porn laying around or someone might have had, a " meeting" with Pryor..as in most cases, this ultra right wing wack job is clearly not meant to be on the bench and not because of Porn shots. His beliefs that Gay folks or anyone else for that matter should be locked up just because he dose not like them or for any reason provided that they have not broken any laws, tells me he is UNSUITED for the bench. Period. What if he said, he called Jews names? Or made racist comments, or perhaps demonized Catholics ..would we even be having this discussion? I vote to kick his ass off the bench.

Actually, there may be an easier way than the FBI or software. If things were then the way they are now, somewhere out there is a model release with names and maybe even a SS#. If Badpuppy still has its records from back then, it should be fairly easy to find out if that is Pryor. It would just be a matter of going through the hard files. 

Hard files indeed!  Lol

Simple enough to find out. There's age progression software out there. Progress the photo of him when he was younger to today and see what happens. i've got to say looking at the shape of his jaw and ear and his overall face it certainly looks like him to me.

I get the outrage at his hypocrisy.  People like him are an absolute terror to the gay community.  Self-hating bigots, need to be outed.  

On the other hand, I do not get why posing nude is a problem for serving as a judge?  People are such prudes in this country.  So what?  He posed nude.  That does not effect his ability to do his job.  Yes, out him as a hypocrite.  But, leave naked people alone :D

The article made it sound like if the pictures are of him then he falsified information regarding his background and that would be the issue, not the content of the photographs.

Burn him at the stake!  Self-loathing homophobes are the worst of the worst!

I agree 100%. The ones screaming hatred the loudest always have the most to hide.  Never effin' fails.

Hawhawhawhawhaw...This is getting to be a bit of a cliche. kinda proves the adage that the louder they scream the louder they scream. I bet his preacher won't like it much. And Lady Karma's gonna be a REAL bitch to this one. Dante's already got hm in the lowest circle of hell.

Why is his crotch blacked out?  If he posed nude then I should be able to see what he intended for us to see.

Boy, he sure didn't age very well.  And he was a scrawny little bastard,too, back in the day.

Just goes to show that the most adamant anti-gay people in positions of power are usually ones who are living a double life. Sad but they hate themselves and take it out on the rest of us who have accepted and celebrate our gayness.

hater on the DL yap !


Due process .....

It's tough when photos are 30 years apart, but surely someone who went to school with him during that time can track down yearbook photos for comparison!


For sure. Look at the nose, eyes and lips. That asshole

Where is his asshole?  I don't see it!   :)

whether we think it is him or not this is something that the FBI or even the CIA can help with. They have face recognition software that they can run to confirm or deny that it is him. No matter what your age there are some facial characteristics that do not change with age. If in fact it is proven to be him, then he should either be given the option to resign or be forcebly removed from his position.

Forcibly removed - and then have the living s**t kicked out of him at the nearest women's sports bar.

He should be forcibly removed, stripped of his credentials and ordered to repay the government for the income he fraudulently obtained, if he is found to be guilty.

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