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Pennsylvania Haunted House Launches "Naked Walkthrough Challenge"

The idea of people screaming in horror while possibly looking at your naked nether regions might be the stuff greedy shrinks fantasize about, but Shocktoberfest in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania is banking that such an idea will be a huge hit. 

The popular Halloween destination has just announced the Naked and Scared Challenge, which tasks courageous visitors to walk through one of its haunted houses completely in the nude. The daily naked challenge won't take place until after the park closes at midnight, and organizers say you have nothing to worry about because everyone else inside will be nude, too. (Even the actors?) There will also be security guards stationed throughout the venue to ensure that no one gets frisky. 

If walking nude through a haunted house is almost your idea of fun but not quite, the park will also offer a "prude" challenge for visitors who are cool with stripping down to their undies. 

Would you do it, Instincters?



are you kidding? absolutely!!! as a matter of fact, if you want to use me for publicity, i will be the first one to take the challenge all the way from south dakota!! no joke!! you would have to pay for the plane ticket though. i bet you could find an airline or a rich to donate for their publicity as well!

In a second .. with  " flair " if need be !  

    nice idea .

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