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Russia's Anti-Gay Propaganda Lawmaker Crashes Queer Film Festival, Assaults Guests

Russian lawmaker, Vitaly Milonov (pictured), the author of Russia's ban on gay propaganda bill crashed the Russian LGBT film festival QueerFest on Thursday and assaulted attendees with his entourage. 

Gay Star News reports:

The author of Russia's gay gag law arrived at an LGBT festival yesterday to harass guests and allies.

The homophobic United Russia city parliament deputy Vitaly Milonov reportedly arrived with an entourage of five to six people calling guests 'animals, 'un-Russian' and 'faggots', according to QueerFest organizers,

The Russian lawmaker, who co-sponsored the 'non-traditional relationships' law, previously said a gay activist must die for his 'extremism'.

According to organizers, Milonov and his group also shoved around two guests, slapping them in the face.

After Milonov and his group started attacking guests, police reportedly arrived shortly after, harassing venue owners to show ownership papers.

In its fifth year, QueerFest gives Russian LGBTs the opportunity to take a visible stand against homophobia.


This is government sanctioned harassment and assault. They're not even bothering to pretend that this is some effort to prevent LGBT "propaganda" from reaching children.  

Government officials are simply attacking gays verbally and physically--because they can. 

Will this only continue to escalate?


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I'd be unsurprised to see a prosecution of the festival guests on charges of assaulting a public official, given the way things are being done now in Russia.

what is the obsession Milonov has with homosexuality? That is the million dollar question. Somebody is a little bitter-possibly rejected too many times-my theory). It will take  international  action across the board AND some humiliating incidents to happen possibly to change this..but these people are just like the right-wing fundies here that have been stoking them-when criticized they just claim to be victims. We need to make an example of people like Scott Lively...humiliate them publicly.

Milonov is obsessed because he is one of us, but in deep denial.  There is no other explanation.

Time for the LGBT people of Russian to go Stonewall on those Nazis on such a level that it will make Stonewall look like a pillow fight.

I have to agree with you. Although I hate to advocate any type of violence, I'm afraid that it's probably the only message this type of person would understand. It's time for Russian LGBT to start arming themselves for defense, or take some self defense instructions, and give this red-headed stepchild the proper smackdown.

I say that countries should start ejecting Russian diplomats, impose economic sanctions and trade embargos.
Peaceful demonstrations and vigils at Russian embassies and consulates is not enough anymore
People will only tolerate so much. Hopefully, Putin will be faced with a full revolt from his populace

How much more is it going to take before there is a full-fledged revolt? Putin and his government keep on pushing anti-lgbt laws.  This is no longere oppression, but a "witch-hunt.  We are now talking not only about gay rights, but human rights.  Enough is enough.

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