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Former S.C. Lawmaker Who Pushed Same-Sex Marriage Ban Has Change Of Heart

This is the kind of change of heart that we can get behind--though we would have loved for it to have happened while he was still in office! 

Former South Carolina state senator John Hawkins led the charge to ban same-sex marriage in the state. 

Now, eight years later, he's publicly stating that he was wrong. 

CBS affiliate Live 5 News reports:

Hawkins, a former state senator for the 12th district, has changed his public stance on same-sex marriage since his 2005 introduction of the amendment.

"I was wrong about pursing the marriage amendment," Hawkins said.  "I wish I hadn't been so strident against it."

Hawkins said his opinion changed over the past eight years because of "enlightenment, empathy and understanding."

"Alliance for Full Acceptance" Executive Director Warren Redman-Gress said he invited Hawkins to speak before the group's bi-monthly meeting after reading a Facebook post from the former lawmaker, which detailed his changed opinion.

"I'm really hoping that people are going to walk away from this with a little bit of healing," he said. "It would be great if everyone who stood against us in the Senate said, ‘We were wrong; In fact, you really do deserve equal rights.'"

Hawkins served in the state Senate from 2001 until 2009 and currently works as a lawyer in Greenville.  He says he has no plans to run for public office again.

"People can change," "There is hope for change for people in all stripes for acceptance of our fellow human beings and their right to marry."


Let's hope Hawkins' decision to publicly speak out has an impact on other lawmakers and voters. 

Do you appreciate him voicing his change of heart, Instincters? Has too much damage already been done? 

Think he'll follow up those words with action?


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Too much damage has already been done, but hopefully he can unmake at least some of it.

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