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Jonathan Groff Talks His New HBO Gay Series, 'Looking'!

Actor Jonathan Groff gave a great interview to BuzzFeed regarding "changing the face of gay Hollywood" and his upcoming slate of gay-centric projects, including the David Sedaris film adaptation C.O.G., which opened in theaters this weekend and is available on iTunes and VOD, and the upcoming film adaptation of The Normal Heart (directed by Ryan Murphy).

While we're excited for all of these projects, it's Groff's upcoming HBO series Looking, which centers around a group of gay male friends in San Francisco, which has had us scouring the web for details! 

Groff opens up a little on what we can expect! Check out this excerpt from his BuzzFeed interview:

Looking, Groff’s current gig, won’t premiere on HBO until next year at the earliest. Still, some are already calling it “Girls for gay men,” and while it’s not as simple as that, Groff appreciates the reference.

The series was a project Groff sought out due to his interest in director Andrew Haigh, who helmed the 2011 film Weekend.

“I saw it with someone that’s straight and we both were emotional at the end,” Groff recalls. “And I thought, This love story is so specific and yes, it’s gay, but it’s so specific to these two human beings that it becomes universal. When a piece of art gets really specific is usually when anybody can relate to it.”

Groff says that like WeekendLooking is grounded and honest. It’s also sexually frank in a way that few other series are, which might be what has already earned it the comparison to Girls.

“We’re not showing sex to be sexy, necessarily,” Groff notes. “When is the last time we’ve seen gay sex dealt with in a very frank and realistic way? Normally, it’s very salacious and sexy, which it is, but there are complicated things about having sex as gay men that I think hopefully we’ll address on our show.”

When it hits the air, Looking will be one of very few series to focus so exclusively on the gay male experience. Outside of LGBT network Logo, the last show like it was Showtime’s Queer as Folk, which ended its five-year run in 2005.

“I guess it’s still risky, because why hasn’t it happened in all this time?” Groff says. “I think about Will & Grace and I think about Modern Family, and the way that being gay has become sort of middle America… in the way that they show gay people in their specific way. Hopefully, now we can show a different side of it.”


What do you think, Instincters? Intrigued by this "different side" of gay life that Looking may show?


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relax guys, I'm sure one of the white guys will have a really whitewashed ethnic boyfriend. lol

i'm so sick of shows like this only being about just white gays and not having diversity where are the blks asians and latin guys even the middle eastern guys...i really wish i knw peopl in NYC and hollywood b/c i have an amazing pitch for a show i have a real talent for things like that i know i could write a hit show

Sure it's gay, but is it also predominantly white and male?

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