Colton Haynes Instagrams Cute Vacation Photo w/ Gay Brother & Family

Arrow star Colton Haynes posted this adorable photo of his openly gay brother, Joshua, and Joshua's husband Scott and their daughter Wren on what looks like a fun family getaway--though Colton's niece Wren may disagree! 

Did we totally blank on Colton having a gay brother?? News to us! Good genes in that family! 


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From looking at Colton Haynes past as a "gay man" as far back as high school when he when to Prom with his Boyfriend as seen here ... It is sad that in 2011 when his "career" took off he ditched the men and his then dating relationship with Zachary Quinto to seemingly instantly marry his now wife Crystal Reed from MTV's "Teen Wolf" he starred briefly on and had no interaction with her since he was on the WB's "Arrow" now as a regular character...

Face it... this is someone who was a brave young gay man who was in XY with his Boyfriend as his career started and out with his relationships and now he is is hiding in the closet like a coward and has a "beard" and a child and is threatening anyone that has pics of his previous "gay" life are being denied that it was "acting" or being threatened with lawsuits or legal action.

Ok there's nothing wrong with that they should be supportive of thie brothers or sisters gay ,Straight,bi,transgender,poly it's away of life you should always have each other's back 

Who. Cares.  (insert famous actor/actress) third cousins brother twice removed is GAY! Is this news? Or shocking that the famous could possibly have gay family member? Gasp!

Sounds bitter to me 

Bitter, party of one, your table is ready.

And a bit into leather?

thanks for sharing that Valentine Gay picture, so cute young love, he is really hot, much more so on Teen Wolf than on Arrow, but really into Arrow now.  Everyone comes out when they are ready, usually with age.  Give him a few years to be a teenage girl heart throb

I've slept with him, he's gay. Happy thursday. 

Shut up, lol... Oh God! Overshare!

I liked him better (on Teen Wolf) when I didn't know that he has such racist and bigoted tendencies. (see blackface/brownface if you think I'm being overly dramatic). I can't stand him know, but that won't keep me from watching (and loving) Arrow. 

He is gay, he has an XY photoshoot.

People have gay siblings!?!

If anyone thinks he's gay it's probably all those pictures that surfaced of him kissing another guy. 

can't like 2 or 4 dudes makeout without thinking they're gay?  It's 2014!  I feel like tacos.

Your emo kid reference just made my life complete

People, please. He's an ally. Yes, he's hot, but that doesn't mean he's gonna magically be gay just because you're lusting after h o m. Can we please stop making it uncomfortable. For our allies to actually BE allies. We expect people to lay off of us for being gay and try to get them to accept that we're. Born that way, can't we accept that our allies our born straight and just leave it at that. Jeez.

On a better note, this makes me like Colton all the more! Proud to support such an accepting and great human being as an actor!

That's one of the zillion pictures of him and his ex-BOYFRIEND. BOYfriend !

whether he's gay...or str8...does it really matter??? really people.. tomorrow comes and he says "I'm Str8!" or "i'm gay!"  will that solve the worlds troubles or are you THAT bored in your life to even care or worry.  The big picture is that he had a great time with his brother and he's a sexy actor on Arrow.. that's all.. no biggie.. move along you lookie-loo's!

I miss the time when Colton Haynes was openly Gay..... I guess it didn't pleased Abercrombie and Fitch.

Please, he is gay too...

When you work for Abercrombie and Fitch you have to be in a closet. (they are still hanging his picture with inspirational messages BS so i'm assume he's still on contract). The funny part is that all the employees i know from A&F are gay.

agree. everyone in A&F are all gay,  mixed with heterosexuals in their workplaces.  To make it worse, they are so closed-minded and still slaves of the heterosexual system we all been brainwashed to live & use in our daily way of life.

I work at A&F home office and yes there are homosexuals that work there but trust I have plenty of heterosexual coworkers. 

Haha ,he was a passenger on the flight I worked last week from Seattle to San Diego for Comic Con.....very hungover and very hot!

Don't know who he is or what ARROW is, but three people who look nice and one who's attractive in a picture.  Very sweet.

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