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Famous Men's Underwear Ads Replaced With "Real Men"

Though we can hardly imagine replacing male models David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Freddie Ljundberg and David Gandy, the Sun has turned our preconceptions of who needs to model luxe underwear upside down. In a treatise on the disconnection with reality that men's underwear ads seemingly promote, the Sun has replaced "real men" in the aforementioned's most iconic shots. 

Above, a "real man" takes the place of David Gandy for his famed Dolce & Gabbana shot. Just as sexy to us!

Here, a "real man" steps in for Freddie Ljunberg's work with Calvin Klein. Sign us up. 

(The next two replaced internationally-known underwear models should be obvious)

What do you think, Instincters? Would underwear ads starring "average Joes" work as successfully? 

(Source: Queerty)


My husband looks like the models and he is a 'real man.' lol

What's wrong with beauty? I think it's just natural to use handsome and well-built men as models.

Likewise, should restaurants serve 'Average Joe' food? Should only average people be allowed to university? Should museums buy art from average artists only? Should the olympics consist of average sportsmen, etc? I hope not. 

I thought we only had this flair for mediocrity here in Scandinavia ... 

I never liked the Calvin Klein-style images, though. They look like porn for women - oiled-in, sweaty and exaggerated. Obviously, male underwear ads are aimed at women who choose their partners' underwear. I don't understand why men will tolerate this, but I am gay anyway ...

David Beckham is a real person, isn't he? You are beginning to see he is not young any more. I think the fact that he is still used as a model proves that the fashion industry is not so narrow-minded any more. At least not when it comes to male models. Unfortunately, they still use mostly uniform and skinny female models.

We expect sports stars to be among the "best" at what they do. I see no reason to expect less from models. And for all the "body dysmorphic disorder" excusemaking, real studies show that in-shape people tend to live longer than overweight or even normal-weight but untoned people who are not fit.

I'll say this: there's no way I'd buy the underwear with the "normal" people on the package.

Then you are stupid.

ArthurV, your comment is totally inappropriate. This article asks for opinions about the modelling. I gave mine, and I gave good reasons for it. If you want to comment on the modelling, fine. But instead you chose to attack me with an insult. That reflects poorly on you, not me.

Let me ask you this: when you go to the art museum, do you expect to see "everyday/ordinary" works of art? If so, you might as well stay home and paint your own picture. I'm certainly not going to waste my resources on people less talented than myself.

This is an excellent, well-nuanced reply to a rude comment. Hats off to you!

There are PLENTY of famous artists who made a living and legacy painting from nature and daily life. Cezanne, Monet, Van Gogh, Picasso... All have done that. you are shallow for thinking skinny athletic boys are better than others. It's the same shit that happens with women - body issues, and how society continuously tells them what to look like, when those models are not even how the majority of society looks. In fact, the models have been photoshopped intensely before they even make it on the magazine.

Granted that health is important, but these normal people are farrrrrr from overweight. They are normal good looking people. And by choosing the models, you send a massage to them that they are not enough, you don't care what they do, who they are as a person, but the models are always better than them because they're toned, muscular and have a 6-pack. So tell me isn't that shallow?

I swear to god, I sincerely --sincerely-- am more attracted to the reenactment men than I am to the original men! Most definitely. 

Though, one thing that always bugged me was when models were not referred to as "real". They are just as real as anyone else. I actually have worked in the modeling industry, in front of the camera and behind (why is it that sooo many gay men say that? ;-) ) ...and referring to models as not being real only just pumps up their often unreasonable egos --or it does the opposite, and makes the models feel as if they are disconnected from the rest of the world. Honestly, it is bad to refer to them as not being real. These days, the photos are always touched up to make the guys a little less "real", that it true of course. Even still, these are all real men. -And for me, I would honestly choose the guys on the left-hand column for a romp in the hay. 

Love you guys!!

Perspective. Its how I know I'm not an onion.

I like the replacement guys. The muscle guys are OK but unless the underwear is going to make me have muscles then I'd rather see it on regular dudes. Also, please note how Beckham's bulge looks weird compared to the normal guy. :-)

Who cares its underwear! Who cares who is wearing it long as it covers my ass i don't care!!

Ironic that this apparent criticism of objectification should be from The Sun of all places. They still have a barely legal, topless woman on page 3 every day.

Strange what you call average.  None of those models are otherwordly gorgeous.  They're what normal guys look like when they're fit and take care of themselves.  Some of the "average" guys look like the spend all day sitting in an office, and eat at Burger King.  Sorry, but that's not normal.  

Ha!  You're an idiot.

Good argument.  You win.  

The bald bear and the guy with glasses are attractive on so many levels for me.

They are all real men. This should be non-models versus models. They are all attractive in their own way.

@Bigdaddy. Ewww, that entire sentiment is disgusting and one that only propagates an unrealistic standard of "beauty" that is especially prevalent in the gay community. Gay men and women are the two highest groups to suffer from body dysmorphic disorder (, mostly because of the unrealistic standards created by advertising and the media. Don't get me wrong, the models on the right are hawt but I see this as similar to the Dove beauty campaign that uses real women as opposed to anorexic models. It's similarly important for the gay community to break through stereotypes of beauty and accept our bodies without judgment and self-hatred.

Obviously, you have poor reading comprehension.  My comment was about advertising.  Can you disprove my bent?  

I would buy calvin kleins undies if that real man was on the box. There should be "average Joes" on the box since the average Joes are the one who actually buy the products.

The models are model-hot. The regular guys are I-would-probably-have-sex-with-you-in-the-right-mood kind of hot.

The real guys are hotter!! The models look scrawny next to the reg guys..

its sad but keep the models but have them more masculine, more Jason Statham, Henry Cavill than the shaved effeminate, estrogen filled pony s they usually have. More Bear and more there. Just 1 lil ole opinion.

Sorry, nope!  Now, don't get me wrong, the "replacement" guys are good-looking men.  The original models are models for the obvious reasons.  As everything else in advertising, it's the target market that matters.  It's visual propaganda, but most consumers imagine they'll look like Beckham, et al, if they purchase that underwear.  

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