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NBA Player Tony Parker Apologizes For Saying 'Fag' During Press Conference

San Antonio Spurs player (and Eva Longoria's ex-hubby) Tony Parker let a gay slur fly yesterday during a press conference for France's match with Spain during the EuroBasket 2013 tournament. 

According to Spurs Nation:

Parker said in the press conference following that game that France were playing like “tapettes” during a first half in which they trailed by double-digits. The world translates into loosely into fairy or fag, according to various online dictionaries.

He apologized for the comment at a later press conference:

“I’d like to apologize to the gay community. I did not want to offend them. If I have offended the gay community, I apologize. It was not my intention at all. It is not right to say what I said I’m sorry. And apologize.”


Spurs Nation also notes that Parker previously tweeted his support for Jason Collins after Collins publicly came out as gay.

What do you think of Parker's apology?


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This young man is young enough to know better than to use gay slurs at all!!! It's not like he was raised in a time where people still use those terms to insult or hurt people ignorantly without realizing the impact it will have, If you are under 40 and growing up in these times there is NO excuse for these kind of "slips" of the tongue if you really care about humanity and equality for the human race then you know not to use any of these kind of slurs, so when younger people do it now i know it's being done on purpose because at this point everyone especially in America know's about the impact and affect these slurs have on people so apologizing does not make it "OK" or better it just makes him look ignorant and fake as in his "after thought" apology which we all know was really done to salvage any damage it might cost his reputation and his career and put on him most likely by a publicist or a manager. I do appreciate the effort some of these athletes make to try not to be this way in public but it scares me to think of how they really feel at home especially around their children which are the future generation's of "slur slinger's" if that's what they learn at home from their parent's and it will go on and on and on..........don't teach "hate" teach love and acceptance, It's what the world needs now.

Pretty fair~~ Just forgive the athletics, they r reckless

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