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Will Daniel Radcliffe Play Freddie Mercury?

The much buzzed about Freddie Mercury biopic has reportedly lost Sacha Baren Cohen as its attached star and is seeking to land Daniel Radcliffe as a replacement. Apparently, Sacha decided that Freddie wasn't "flamboyant enough" in the script, and decided to drop out of the project. 

The Daily Star has more:

Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen, 41, quit the biopic project this summer following clashes over the script with band members Brian May, 66, and Roger Taylor, 64.

But now producers are keen to bag Radcliffe, 24, and are prepared to offer him big money to tempt him to play the gay singer, whose string of hits included camp rock anthem I Want To Break Free.

If he takes the part, Hollywood insiders predict it will be the actor’s biggest pay day since he played Harry Potter in the successful movies.

“Plus, he’s closer in height to Freddie than Sacha, who’s much taller. Daniel can really sing, too.”

Do you think Daniel Radcliffe should play Freddie, Instincters?

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What people fail to realize is the range Mr. Radcliffe has in his acting, American audiences, at least mainstream, only know him as Harry Potter. Well, the man has played other parts... including his recent portrayal of Alan Ginsberg in "Kill Your Darlings". Not to mention the stage characters he's had the honor of playing. I think most people sell him short, because of his Harry Potter fame. Objectively we cannot allow his past to affect our view of the work when/if it's produced.

Seriously? Is anyone forgetting that Freddie Mercury wasn't white? 

I think my actor friend, Adrian Armas would be perfect for the role! He was in Benjamin Button with Brad Pitt and looks a lot like Freddie!

No way. All I will see is Harry Potter, not Freddie.

How tall was Freddie? I think Daniel's a great talent, don't get me wrong, but is he filled out enough for the part? Does he have that flexibility and range? That's what I am concerned with. Vocally, alone, it's going to be a challenge.


i believe he would do a awesome job

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