"Straight" Guys Pretending To Have Gay Sex May Be Too Convincing... (NSFW-ish)

Our friends at The Gaily Grind have provided us with yet another edition of allegedly "straight" men doing very gay things--though this time we think we're gonna have to see the receipts! 

These "straight" buds jokingly simulating gay sex are mighty convincing...

Judge for yourself! (NSFW)

Yeah. That may be too convincing.

(Note to "straight" men: saying "No homo" after doesn't make it not gay.)


does anyone have a link to the video it says it doesnt exsist...

This shit is, so oldm I watched it last summer lol

Ok, I do want to point out that these are young, presumably late teen to early 20's boys.  The wind could shift a different direction and they would get a hard on.  The "top" was grinding against the other guy, of course he got a hardon, it doesn't mean he or either are "gay."   One does wonder why they would do this to begin with, but hey, why all the labels?

Lmao they both got bonkers tho

This is ridiculous. There is no need for this at all. 

How is this ridiculous? You clicked play on the video after reading about it.


I'm getting to the point where I think that "labels" are confining & counter-productive.  Men just used to be men, whatever that meant.  Hopefully, we'll reach a point where everybody's rights are protected, nobody cares about labels, & it's all good.  

Oh, and DRILL BABY DRILL!  : )  

Has anyone gay mocked straight sex?  THAT is hilarous....

Hmmmm grey shorts had a boner at te end and the black shorts had a wet spot.

Yea, that not pretend gay sex... That's called dry humping and also foreplay. ;)

I was entertained by this. I love when my straight friends are open like this. The only problem is when I start crushing on them bc of it.

They are not straight!

i think someone was getting a chubby..awe shit, that was me.

If they are straight way does the top have a boner?

 i love free minded straight  guys with a big sense of humor!

I think they enjoyed that haha

Why is that gay sex is something to be mocked? I don't find that entertaining at all. We gays are being made fun of really.

Y so serious? 

Get the f^ck over yourself. We make fun of straights just as much as they do it to us. If you can't laugh at yourself, you will be quite miserable your whole life.

No how about you go f*ck yourself you small minded moron. And no I have never met gays who mock straight people having sex. If anything it always seems to be straights mocking things that gays do. Because god forbid that we are different. And this has nothing to do with laughing at oneself. Just because you don't have the brain cells to light a fire doesn't mean that the rest of us view it one way. 

I hate to be this guy, but it could also be the fact that they are letting out some closeted homo tendencies, but doing so in a supposively "mocking" manner. The fact is, none of us know what their inner thoughts were, maybe it was mocking, maybe it was because they actually have feelings like that, but dont want to go right out and say it. Look at the end, both of them were getting hard, so obviously they were both enjoying it.

Once again, get over yourself. I make fun of my straight friends eating out Vag all the time. Like I already said, must be pathetic to be miserable all the time. Learn to laugh.

Amen! Fucking laugh... Cuz I think calling straight people "breeders" is definitely mocking them. Also, that straight guy is "straight to the bed" or "he's so gay for pay". That's comedy and sarcasm!


hard ons? where?

does anyone care..........

I love curious play time on camera.

Whats up with the guy on the side?  GAYS!

yeah right...behind camera somebody got laid!!!

Oh they did eachother 

Straight!  Yeah right !  The dick of the guy on bottom was totally hard. He enjoyed it !  

And the way he was placing his hands all over the guy "riding" him was too real. Bet it's not the first time they have been in that position. 

i thought i was the only one who saw that! someone got their salad tossed that night!

Yeah, it sure was!!! I enjoyed it too!

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