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Must Watch: Rio Drag Queen Recreates Lady Gaga's "Applause" VMA Performance!

Lady Gaga's 2013 Video Music Award performance of "Applause" was a show-stopper and one of the night's best. Can anyone ever top it?

Rio de Janeiro drag star Alexia Twister might have done just that during an epic performance at Victoria nightclub over the weekend. Lady Gaga herself is impressed, sharing the video on Facebook and Twitter today along with the caption, "A MUST WATCH: this queen in RIO re-did my VMA Applause performance TO A T! That routine is not easy! Alexia Twister was so impressive, when she made it out for the seashell girls cue I nearly fell over screaming."





Haha she even got Gaga's janky dancing down pat. 


SOOO Much Better Then The "REAL DEAL" 

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