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Jaw-Dropping Abercrombie Models Recreate "What Does The Fox Say?"

The viral music video everyone's been talking about just got a lot sexier thanks to Abercrombie & Fitch, which let its half-naked models parade around a forest to recreate "What Does The Fox Say?"




I'm not gonna lie.....I was kinda hoping for porn.

Wow. People here are acting disappointed, like they were hoping for porn. It's a commercial, people!

To all the haters, get a fricken sense of humor and for the love of god, lighten up. Seriously not all of us want to hear all of moaning and bitching about as some one above said "some kids just being stupid and having fun." Really that is it. Am I a huge fan of A&F not at all, but damn people it is okay to laugh. Get over yourselves. 

lighten up haterz. its a bunch of kids being goofy and enjoying themselves. and yah we might not love abercrombie here but that shit is phyre in the rest of the world. 

can I just say everyone who has been commenting is completely RIGHT. You guys have said it all I don't need to repeat it.

That was just so freaking stupid and a waste of time. Makes me glad that I have NEVER been an A&F customer.

I second that! How stupid! I was very disappointed in this video. It's amazing how so many beautiful bodies have zero sex appeal. How did they accomplish that?

and gays say gross, gross gross ....what does the fox say... UMMM...silence

Wow....models can't dance!.....who knew.

This brand is also about to croak.

This video makes me wish I had the ability to aim an asteroid at the planet earth for making nauseating crap like this video.

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The only thing "jaw-dropping" about these models is how stupid they allowed themselves to look all for the sake of a buck. Simple photos would have sufficed, instead of a video lip-syncing to an already moronic song.

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