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Video: Gay Man Brutally Beaten Following Hookup App Ambush

Stranger danger! 

24-year-old Aaron Keahey met his alleged attacker, 18-year-old Brice Johnson, after speaking with him on the social networking mobile app, MeetMe, in Texas.

According to San Antonio's KENS5:


The Labor Day attack left Keahey with broken facial bones that required plastic surgery. He also suffered nerve damage and had some teeth knocked out.

Keahey is gay, and said he went to the teen's house in Springtown thinking he was either gay or bisexual. He said the ambush happened immediately.

"He started getting all frustrated and talking all angrily," Keahey said. "I don't remember anything after that."

Police said they received a 911 call from 18-year-old Brice Johnson, who told officers he found Keahey outside his house in the trunk of a car. Johnson said he drove Keahey to get medical help.

Police later arrested Johnson and charged him with aggravated assault, causing serious bodily injury.

"I've been up here altogether 10 years, and this is the first hate crime or possible hate crime that I've investigated," said Springtown police Lt. Curtis Stone.

The victim showed us photos of the marks left on his neck and wrists. But he and the suspect say they both remember little about the actual attack.

"Unfortunately, with him not being able to recall anything that happened, and the suspect claiming that he doesn't recall, I don't have any answers why those are there," Lt. Stone said.

Police are treating the incident as a possible hate crime. Keahey is convinced it was just that.

"Why would they have you under the belief that they're gay or bisexual or whatever they say you are, and have them show up and do what they did?" Keahey asked.


Weird that the alleged attacker (you know, the one that wasn't beaten in the face) also claims to have such a shaky recollection of what went down. 

Be careful with your meet-ups, Instincters! We never know what kind of crazy is on the other end.


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There are many more of these "Looking for Mr. Goodbar"-ish instances than we are aware of. Sadly, but understandably, like cases of rape and domestic violence, whether gay, straight or bisexual, they are consistently underreported.

I believe these violent instances will continue and cases will go unreported as long as we rely on laws alone to keep us safe. Laws are important. Unfortunately, they are much less effective in changing behavior if we do not, ourselves, become part of the solution and change the hearts and minds of those living around us. Again and again we hear people state they weren't happy about the gay family moving in next door but as they got to know them they cannot imagine the neighborhood without them. We hear about people who have committed, like Mr. Johnson, horribly violent crimes despite laws against them only later to have a change of heart because of one simple experience with and exposure to a gay relative, neighbor, acquaintance, coworker, fellow Marine, couple or family that changed their mind. And that change of mind is powerful. It is the greatest influence leading to the desired changes in behavior.--Jay in Seattle

Another shinning example of American "Freedom and Democracy" You people need to take a hard look at yourselves as a society and get it together! 

As for the remaining of the human population.....when Animals treat one another better than Humans treat one another....who then is the Animal?

@Alex Alfaro I am just wondering, who are the "you people" you refer to that need to take a hard look at themselves? Americans? Gay men like the victim? From your comment, "take a hard look at yourselves as a society and get it together!" I am under the impression those you refer to do not include yourself. I am just interested.--Jay in Seattle


This has made me sad,my heart goes out to Aaron.

Hi Aaron my names Tyrese. I'm on Facebook and I saw this and instantly felt horrible inside. I'm a bisexual half black half Sicilian 26 year old man and I use chat sites myself and don't kno what I would have done in this situation. Not really much you can do. I am so so sorry about this attack an even more sorry we still live in a time where things like this happen. My heart goes out to you and to your family and if there is ever anything I could do, even if you just want a friendly voice to speak to, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or my cell phone (7743643304). We as a people need to be more understanding and loving and tolerant of others. Not enough people embody those traits which is extremely sad in 2013. I jus pray you make a speedy recovery and full recovery and I hope justice is sought out and achieved. God bless you and please be strong, he is there for you. 

That's awesome you put yourself out there for someone you don't know 

I've always sent profile screenshots of the people I'm meeting to a friend, If I'm going to their house I send the address with it as well as the chatlog, with the subject line "If you don't hear from me by morning, open and call 911"

Why not avoid it all together?

There is no reason to avoid 'hookups' sometimes you just need to get off, and these apps help make that happen. But its important to be safe and sane!

Its just not that easy to avoid sexual feeling Allen!! we only need to be careful not avoid them

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This is why I seldom do online hook-ups, and when I do, I chat with the person for awhile before we meet. I'm the type of guy that does the "back and forth" emails that some guys loathe. It's not a fail-safe plan, but it's a hell of a lot better than the quick, "Ooo, you're hot! Wanna fuck?...Good. Come over" or "Ooo, you're hot! Wanna fuck?...Good. I'm on my way." For this way I have some idea of who I'm letting into my home, or whose home I'm going to.

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