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Gay Couple Plans To Have Real Sex On TV To 'Reclaim Sex From Pornography'

Those Brits certainly aren't shy. The UK's Channel 4 has announced a new program, Sex Box, which will feature multiple couples having real sex in a box in front of a studio audience followed by post-coital discussion about the experience with a panel of experts! (Queerty says that panel includes Dan Savage!)

Pink News reports:

The show, which will air live in front of a studio audience, will see couples have sex in the box before being interviewed by host Mariella Frostrup and a panel of experts about their experience.

Three couples have agreed to appear on the show, including Matt and John, a gay couple in their 30s who are in a long-term relationship.

The makers of the show, named Sex Box, claim that the program is intended to “reclaim sex from pornography”, and forms part of Channel 4′s “real sex” season, which will also include a documentary on how pornography is affecting teenagers in the UK.


Ralph Lee, Channel 4′s head of factual programming, added: “It’s not about the technicalities of sex but more about discussing what it means to them as a couple. There has been a massive explosion of pornography but what there hasn’t been is a conversation about real sex in people’s lives today. This will add context to pornography.”

He said it had not been hard to find couples willing to appear on the show, and that producers had taken steps to ensure that “real” couples were participating and not simply exhibitionists.

“Those who appear have a personal reason for doing so – perhaps some felt that their sex lives were not represented in the media, so it was a chance to show the sort of sex they have”, he said.

Channel 4′s “real sex” season will begin on 30th September, with Sex Box due to air on 7 October.


So here's where we're confused. Apparently the box will be sound-proofed and opaque (meaning you can't see through it and you won't be able to hear anything), according to Pink News. Does that mean the live audience won't be able to see or hear anything as well???

Talk about a bait-and-switch. How do we even know these people are actually having sex?! 

Show us the receipts!!


Now why in the world would I watch something like that when I pay good money to see the Full Monty in good porn?

The definition of opaque specifically means light and shadow do NOT pass through -- as opposed to translucent or transparent.

Opaque means you will see essentially shadows, so yes you will see something. Sounds will probably be muffled but not stopped entirely.

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