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Move Over Scott Eastwood; Ellen Introduces Us To Her Sexy Son!

Not allowing the Eastwood's to have a monopoly on the sexy son business, Ellen DeGeneres today unveiled her own sexy son, Rico. 

We can see the resemblance!


dumb model alert, he couldn't tie a simple knot....

I love you Ellen..such a sweet 'MOM" {wink'..thanks for sharing the fruit of your loins with us!..He's tooooo fine....



I think Ellen is the best. Your the best Ellen.... I wish I was your son..... not that I do not love all 4 of my parents.... 

Topic -  guy on TV just got introduced to millions of people..... he will become popular 

I found it a little interesting that Ellen initially percieved that her "son" was heterosexual by asking her female staff member if she wanted to date Rico, just sayin' ;)

Isn't that backwards? It'd be an assumption of sexuality for Rico if she'd asked him if he wanted to date the woman. 

The object of one's affections doesn't have to play for your team. Just ask the multitude of straight men I fantasize about. 

that was no ordinary staff was carmen electra who she knows likes hot men so she jokingly offered him up and then without knowing his sexuality, didnt really want to OUT him on national tv when carmen threw him to the gays.

Oh Lord...maybe she knew he was straight off cam...I think Ellen has done her thing for us gays, so who cares.

Woof... he's hot

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