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Anderson Cooper's Stalker Won't Stand Trial

Anderson Cooper's delusional stalker Alex Hausner (who looks kinda like Kid Rock, no??) has been found mentally incompetent and won't be allowed to stand trial for stalking the Silver Fox.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon said during the hearing: "Doctors have found you not competent to proceed and if those results are confirmed you'll be committed .. to the Department of Heath and Mental Hygiene." 

Prosecutors have until Oct. 1 to accept or challenge the findings.

According to the New York Daily News, Hausner's mother, Lori Hausner, revealed that her son had been diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 12.  She maintains that he's not violent.

"He's got these psychiatric problems. He believes people are telling him to protect Anderson because people are after Anderson," Ms. Hausner said.

She went on to call her son "more of a danger to himself" than others "because he gets himself into these things.

"He needs help and being in jail is not going to help him," she said.

Do you agree with the court's ruling, Instincters? Is a mental hospital the best place for Anderson Cooper's stalker??


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Come on, people who are ill get in trouble and it is not their fault most of the time. We must not treat them as criminals and throw them away like they don't matter. A friend who is bipolar and schizophrenic made a pass at a girl, telling her he wants to marry her and hugging her. She was 3 months shy of her 18th birthday but it's not as if my friend had any idea she was a minor, and her father was a cop, so they threw him in jail.  Bail was high so he was stuck there till trial. My friend, in his condition, was so tormented by sitting in a cell he agreed to plead guilty to a child annoyance charge not realizing that comes with a sex offender registration. He now has to live his life as a sex offender. If he went to court he probably would have gotten a lesser charge or have it dropped all together it is so ridiculous. 

It's a terrible thing that our prisons have a large population of inmates who have very real psychiatric problems.   They go untreated and only get worse.  Many are tormented by other inmates or placed in solitary confinement.  None of this is being reported on or covered by the media.  You have to be a blatant danger to yourself or others before you can be forced into treatment.  It makes early intervention,  IF you can access it, very difficult.  Anderson could really do some ground breaking reporting on this issue and shed light on a systemic social problem.

We must start to recognize that our mental health system is failing.  Because of the privacy laws we are not allowed to look into our Psychiatric hospitals.  Anderson and 360 could use this very personal case to do an in depth look at our dysfunctional mental health care system.  The treatment of the mentally ill behind  the walls of psychiatric hospitals.  It's an urgent need that is being neglected.  The looking the other way has got to stop so that lives can be saved.

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