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Video: Openly Gay Army Ranger Asks Katy Perry To The Ranger Ball

Openly gay Army Ranger Ken Yasger is taking a page out of many gays' prom strategy for his upcoming Army Ranger Ball: invite a really good fag hag/fruit fly/Goldilocks to maximize fun without any pressure. 

“Katy, you’re an inspiration to me in a lot of ways,” Yasger says in a video that's going viral on YouTube. ”Your music helped me get through it.”

Yasger also mentions that he's the first out ranger in his unit. Bravo!

The Ball is in two weeks (October 10, 2013), so Katy better get her answer ready.

We typically don't like to be Plan B, but if Katy's schedule can't accommodate your sexiness, give us a call!




Fantastic! Thank you for your service! It is difficult being gay in the Army (i've been in the Army for 7 years now) and I can't imagine being an Army RANGER AND openly gay...! Kudos for sure!! It would be amazing to see Katy say yes and go with you; you would be an instant icon!! And yes, I agree on the sexiness ;)

That is so awesome! Thanks for serving openly bro! I hope Katy calls.

Good for him.  Hope she accepts.  Dare I say, wouldn't it have been something if he was a Adam Levine fan.  That's one I would love to see, especially since he got hit on at the Voice and is a big LGBT fan.

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