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Football Stud Accidentally Drops Trou During Play

...and he keeps going!

We need to go to more soccer/football games. Who knew there was live underwear modeling occurring on field? 

Aston Villas' Nicklas Helenius experienced a glorious wardrobe malfunction during a league match Tuesday night. Helenius didn't let the unintentional stripping moment derail his play, and continued to connect with the ball while strutting his drool-soliciting stuff. Sports!

Anyway, do we smell a new underwear model? Are you listening, Calvin Klein? 

(Via Buzzfeed)


He's hottie... I'm with other, I'd assist in getting the sweat off those 

EW! I think jock-straps are the ugliest invention created for the male body!

That being said... DAYYYYYAM! This guy is hot! I would definitely join that queue of sweat-sucking.

Doesn't he know he is supposed to wear a jock during sports? Bummer lol

I would SUCK the SWEAT off his balls!

there'd be a cue Sasha 

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