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Mother Launches Petition Demanding Chain Grocery Store Stop Selling Barilla

That didn't take long. Linda Ferraro, proud mother of a gay son, has launched a petition demanding that the Stop & Shop grocery chain stop selling the Barilla brand based on the anti-gay comments made Thursday morning by Guida Barilla, head of the company. 

Reads the letter to Stop & Shop owners that Linda hopes you'll sign:

Judi Palmer, Stop & Shop Supermarket Company 
Lindsay Hawley, Stop & Shop Supermarket Company 
You may have heard that Guido Barilla, head of Barilla pasta, said some really terrible things about gay people. Barilla said, “I would never do an advert with a homosexual family…if the gays don’t like it, they can go and eat another brand. For us, the concept of the sacred family remains one of the fundamental values of the company.” 

These comments are unacceptable and you should be concerned that this man's brand lives on your shelves. I strongly urge you to stop carrying Barilla products in your stores.

Linda wraps up her decision to start a Drop Barilla campaign succinctly. "No one messes with my boys."


I will be buying other brads. Being a gay man and proud of that fact. I already dont use other products from homophobic companies. Barilla is the least of my boycotts. So no, to Barilla!!

I will not be buying Barilla Brand pastas anymore either and shall pass this on to all my friends and neighbors as well. Good luck with loss of sales Guido Barilla!!

Either fire this shameful executive or face diminishing sales. The only way I will buy another barilla products is if this bigoted man is let go. And...yes, it used to be my go to brand.

I will not buy another barilla product ever. I have a gay son and I'm very proud of him!!! There are PLENTY of other brands to choose from!

There are no words he can say to get out of this one.  APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED!!!!

As long as this is their bigoted position I will not buy another Barila product.

If they can drop Paula Deen from all the *marts and stores and TV networks for saying the N word,  why not drop the pasta!

Tell Guido Barilla, that douchbag dago twat, to go fuck himself!

What a same I actually liked this brand! You have my support and I will no longer be buying barilla me being a gay man I am against homophic people

That is the most stupid thing I've ever heard.  Pasta??  Carbs are for fat people.  So ridiculous.  In fact, all my Barilla pastas are going to either the Soup Kitchen, or the TRASH.

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