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International Olympic Committee 'Fully Satisfied' Russia's Anti-Gay Law Doesn't Violate Olympic Charter

In case you were worried that the International Olympic Committee had grown anything even remotely resembling a pair of balls--have no fear, they haven't.

The IOC has determined that they're "fully satisfied" that Russia's blatantly discriminatory and dangerous anti-LGBT legislation doesn't violate the Olympic charter and they won't do anything to oppose it. 

Awesome. Thanks, guys!!

The Washington Post reports: 

The International Olympic Committee declared Thursday that it has no grounds to challenge a Russian law that has been criticized as discriminating against gays, a decision likely to set off a furious reaction among human rights activists who have been urging the IOC to censure the host country of February’s Winter Games.

IOC officials told a news conference in Sochi, where they were making their final inspection tour before the Games begin Feb. 7, that they were “fully satisfied" that a Russian law banning gay propaganda does not violate the Olympic charter’s anti-discrimination guarantee, the Associated Press reported.

The committee considered its decision for several days, IOC Chairman Jean-Claude Killy said, but finally agreed it lacked authority to criticize a host country’s laws if they did not specifically violate Olympic rules.


Thoughts on the IOC's determination, Instincters?


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