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Barilla's U.S. Division Apologizes For Offensive Anti-Gay Statements

The damage control nightmare that has left Barilla's communication department scrambling all day is nowhere near over, but the U.S. division of the brand is hoping a social network statement will soothe some of the outrage. 

At Barilla, we consider it our mission to treat our consumers and partners as our neighbors – with love and respect – and to deliver the very best products possible. We take this responsibility seriously and consider it a core part of who we are as a family-owned company. While we can’t undo recent remarks, we can apologize. To all of our friends, family, employees, and partners that we have hurt or offended, we are deeply sorry.

Earlier in the day, Chairman Guido Barilla said that he doesn't like gays and they can "find another brand" if we have a problem with it during an interview on an Italian radio show. 

Does the statement from Barilla's U.S. division make you feel better?


Anti Gay Statement has been apologize and it is good to know about the statement. A lot of supporters of this company have lost their interest in this scandal.

Sara From:

Its good to hear that they have apologized.

Sara from Learnership Opportunities

Hey Guido... vaffanculo!

No fucking way   fire him then we will reconsider   we buy um bought  3-4 boxes a week more. fin.

There are other things than "women's place" and "traditional families" that can be considered traditionally Italian - like the revenge tragedy, for example. It is my sincere hope that the nasty comments made by the bigoted jackass who owns this company will inspire a backlash that ends in an appropriately Italian ending. The mealy-mouthed, ass-saving, profit-motivated apology aped here is not enough, and I will never buy another Barilla product again, though I have been a loyal customer for decades. 

The damage is already done.  I'm going to return what ever unopened boxes I have and getting my money back.  The rest I'm throwing out and never ever buying their products again.  I hope those employees can find new jobs quickly.

If you have any of their product, donate it to the food banks.  As for it ever gracing our home again, this homo hating asshole, can kiss my ass first before I will ever buy the homophobic pasta!  He should be fired, then force fed his pasta til he pukes.  I see poverty in his future

Until I see a public statement from the Head Cheese Asshole himself, apology not accepted.

I think Rihanna should make a remix called "Not Under my Pasta Um Barilla! more barilla in this gay home!

Apology not accepted!! If they are really sorry then make a damn commercial portraying a gay household and Barilla!!

This is BS !!!! Hurt them where it will hurt the most, in the pocket. Do not support the brand at all


My partner just canceled his Amazon Barilla order. 

No. Money has no gender or sexuality, Now its going to to cost him $$$

I have only bought Barilla pasta once, and where I live, it's more expensive than the other brands. So, there are now TWO reasons why I sure as hell will never buy Barilla again. Btw, my message to the CEO is this: your pasta is NOT too good for us gays. We, the gays, are too good for your overpriced, shitty pasta! BOYCOTT BARILLA!!!!!!!

How does the apology make it any better when the Chairman clearly dictates the company direction and culture. Hope their stocks fall.
Not calling for a boycott, but I personally will not be buying their products. 

I hope the employees of barilla can find new jobs, sooner the better.

Just threw out what Brarilla I had and will not buy any more! Apology not accepted!!!

You should have returned it to the store and told them why.

I'll be boycotting this product. So the spin doctors came out and said sorry. Doesn't change the 'main man's 'opinion. So he can keep his pasta!! Hope he goes out of business.

Um...nope...just was sitting down to eat some Rotini and was reading this...My dogs got it...I made a cheese sandwich instead...Opened cabinet and thank God no more was in there...BOYCOTTED when I grocery shop....

Good Luck Barilla.  See you in hell Guido Barilla, with the rest of us gays (tongue in cheek with that statement considering he probably believes that too), you bigot!

Never buying Barilla! I don't even care if its on sale! You lost a customer! It's 2013, not 1913!

I cannot believe that people will not grow up and accept people for who we are. I'm not gay and I don't have a problem with people who are gay. Love is love no matter what. Gay people aren't bad people, they aren't hurting anyone, I have family ( my mother, 2 cousins), and lots of friends whom are gay and I wouldn't trade them for anything. Now why on God's green earth would a company say some garbage like that???? That is absolutely terrible. I hope their nasty comment runs those homophobic pricks slap out of business. I do not nor will I ever support a business thats homophobic!!!!! God Bless all gay people. I love you all.

Very well said. Bless you and your family.

Vivian, we all love you!

There is no excuse or apology for this. Guido can shove his pasta up his butt..I will be buying Ronzoni from here on in!

No more barilla in this household!

Where's Guido's apology???  Boycotting!!!

A Chairman of a Company this large should know better before he speaks. Jeez, wasn't there a PR person in the vicinity? This so-called apology could just be too much-too little-too late. If he was going for publicity, he certainly went about it all wrong in my opinion. Wonder how he feels about other minority groups?

I read both, the interview and the apology, I've accepted his offer to buy another brand of pasta instead of theirs. My gay dollars will not support this company again.

I think you said that very well. I totally agree with you. I won't be giving them my straight dollars either. I'm so sorry people so hateful to y'all. I hope one day very soon that we will all be equal. I am so blessed to have been raised by my amazing mother, she came out to me when I was 15. I know it was so hard for her, she was so scared I'd turn against her. I could never do that to her or anyone for that matter. The only thing that matters is happiness and love. God bless you : )

I'm DONE with this pasta. I bought this brand for years. No longer on my radar and will never be again.


I don't care who makes the apology, too late! As a business person (CEO) who lives off the people's dime he should know better. He doesn't have to like gay people, but he is responsible for his companies income, which is responsible for the employees and the employees families. He just pooped on more than just the gay community. Tough lesson to learn.

Well  as a gay man retired, i can say this  i dont accecp your appoligy  and i wont be buying your products  ever again. How dare you say something so rude to people that buy your products, as a bussisness person you sell to every kind of person on this earth  and you do not have a right to put down anyone. That is called judging  and only God  has that right.. I will be spreading t5he word to all my friends  so that they will not buy your products either.

That looks like some Azzhole PR person wrote and it did not come from the heart.

i dont no how one group can say we except you apology i wish these people would not speak for the whole gay community because it is 2013 and we shouldn't still be going threw this so i do not believe i will be buying this pasta anymore i have cooked for years with it but no more

i dont no how one group can say we except you apology i wish these people would not speak for the whole gay community because it is 2013 and we shouldn't still be going threw this so i do not believe i will be buying this pasta anymore i have cooked for years with it but no more

I am not gay but I am a socially responsible consumer. Barilla is the only pasta I've bought for years but no more. I don't care for a side of bigotry with my pasta. 

I will buy your pasta as soon as I see a gay Barilla commercial. Homophobia will not be tolerated by anyone!!

Sorry it's too late to apologize.  Barilla said what he wanted to say; and he has a right to say how he feels.  However, what he said was hurtful and I am boycotting Barilla products from now on.

Nope! Damage is done! I'll gladly give my pink dollars to another brand!!!!! I don't give a damn about the "American" branch, all the profits end up in the bosses pocket and mine ain't gonna make it there!!!

That's just the spin machine doing "damage control" ... too little, too late.

Barilla Pasta wasn't any better than some other brands in the first place, so no big loss for me...

The Chairman has spoken, and he has a right to do so.  However, we have a right to take him at his word and "find another brand".    Which is exactly what I plan to do.  I am not gay, but someone this bigoted will not be rewarded with any more money from me.

An apology to save their bottom line that's all it is...they should have thought of that before they allowed him to open his homophobic mouth! #boycottbarilla

Here here!! 

sorry. too late

No way...

Nope ! It's time to drop Brarilla 

the ass has spoken , save your time PR department , the damage

has happen !  No one has time for hate . Good bye Barilla  

Their apology doesn't undo what they have already claimed. It's just to try to keep customers.  I will never buy this product again!

Folks, seriously, if you haven't already, visit and tell them that you won't support Barilla, because they don't support gays! Keep this up!!! They're already throwing apologies because they're realizing how much revenue they're losing!! MWAHAHAHAH!!  I sent one this morning and shared that they would get 1,000,000 responses on their website, and it looks like they are!!  Spread the word!!  

thanks kyle, just post a note to them....

Leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I'll gladly find another pasta.

Makes absolutely NO DIFFERENCE what the PR people say.  You can't undo a spoken word.  No more Barilla.

Not smart.  Being gay I am pleasantly surprised to see a same sex couple or family represented in a commercial.  But I do not sit an tally the commercials that do or don't.  It is not a decision factor in what I buy.

A decision factor in what I buy is the statement from the CEO/owner/upper management.  That calls the homophobia to my attention.  Had the statement not been made, leaving his decision in place I would never have known.

No way because they don't speak for the family that runs the company.

I'll take Guido's advice and find another pasta.  It's not like Barilla is the only one.

No its a nice statement but the guy who makes money from the sale of this crap Pasta will never get another Euro from me. 

no way not until Guido rides in the NYC pride parade with an apology banner and maybe not then!!!

I am having a hard time accepting the apology when i know that the head of Barilla looks down on my life.

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