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Gay-Friendly Bertolli Makes The Most Of Barilla's Homophobic PR Mess

We have ourselves a classic pasta battle, friends. 

Bertolli has wasted no time to capitalize on the anti-gay missteps of competitor Barilla's chairman, Guido Barilla. In a blast to its social networks, Bertolli Germany released a graphic relaying its gay-friendly corporate and consumer culture that depicts a pair of same-pasta noodles and the carb-loaded friends who love them. "Love and pasta for all," reads the caption for the photo shared on Facebook

 "We just wanted to spread the news that Bertolli welcomes everyone, especially those with an empty stomach," said a spokesperson who works at the social media agency hired by Bertolli. 





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Barilla makes some of the worst pasta I have ever eaten and now hearing this it most definitely off my list.  I am straight but support equality!

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I just can't believe what I am reading here. We all have different opinions and beliefs, however some of these comments are nasty. You should all just eat what you like and those people who may be up in arms about mistakes by the media, just forget it.  We are what we are, so live and let live. There is no right or wrong if the outcome of your lifestyle doesn't affect anyone in a harmful or negative way. Just remember, it is better to love than hate.

How is it that something as innocent as different types of pasta can lead to such insulting comments??? Hear of acceptance much? This is supposed to be AMERICA: The melting pot nation of differences. The fact that people are still arguing over EQUAL rights is just beyond me. Some people are gay, some are straight, some are black, some are white, ect. WHO cares???? And to the uneducated bigot who is comparing homosexuality to pedophilia: what planet are you living on???? As a pretty educated person with a masters in Psychology, you honestly have no idea what you are talking about. Homophobia was considered a ¨ disease¨ during a time when people did not understand it. It was taken out of the DSM-IV and is NOT a disease now because psychologists know better. Most people are NOT born pedophiles. Most are a product of their environment and were sexually abused as children themselves. So, before you start spreading bullshit why don´t you actually do research on what you are talking about before you make people more dumb. Perhaps you should take a look at yourself in the mirror before spewing your hatred and stupidity. And better yet, maybe you should seriously consider what it is you are hiding behind. It sounds like you are the one who has some issues to face with your own sexuality. 

I think you mean homosexuality was taken out of DSM... Not homophobia, which still exists but is not considered a disease. Tho maybe it should be!

Well said. Thank you for posting that.  Way too many people comment (especially with negativity) on pretty much anything without having the actual knowledge (and not just pretend knowledge, but actual factual educated researched knowledge) of the subject matter as a whole.

I avoid the controversy by buying store-brand pasta. Also, because i'm poor.

I have always used Barilla pasta (all varieties) and will continue to do so.  This junk news doesn't bother me one bit. Get over it people. It's God's way and the Bible speaks the truth. Amen!

Fair enough. But: If the bible speaks the truth, please explain why it says specifically that rabbits are cud-chewing animals. We know this is false. They don't chew their cud like cows or llamas. But the real question is, if the bible is the word of god and is infallible, then WHY is that in there? Did God just forget something important about an animal HE created?

It's a cook book! 

you have cast the first a volley of boulders come your way

YES but the Bible says many more things such a adultery. lying, cheating, stealing but all that gets overlooked by so called Christians.  Only HE/SHE who is without sin should ever judge another and make hateful comments about others.  Didn't you ever wonder how many were at the last supper being Gay.  I am NOT gay and will not eat Barilla pasta as if they can't say anything nice and respectful than don't say anything at all.  So Phillip, if you are completely with out sins OK if not KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. AMEN AMEN and AMEN

If the Bible speaks the truth, I hope you don't eat your Barilla pasta alongside a medium-rare steak, while wearing clothing of mixed fabrics. Because you know, the Bible also condemns those things too.

I certainly hope that you have no LGBTQ people in your life, or even women, because if they knew you were weren't bothered by this, they may think twice about being in your life.

It's Bertolli for me.  I will never buy Barilla again even if Guido were to apologize, we'd all know it would be a lie.  The only thing that would change my mind would be his resignation and replacement with someone with a track record of tolerance.  I am straight, not that it matters one damned bit, but just so Guido and the whole company he heads will get that it isn't only the gay community that "will go buy their pasta somewhere else". 

People are confused.  BARILLA made the anti gay statements.  BERTOLLI is the company who came up wth this ad, saying they accept everyone!!  

pathetic !

Wait...pasta has gender?? I never knew!

I think we'd best not go around bashing people for having a "Y" and an "R" in their name. kathRYn. 

Um... Not to be rude here but a little too late... What ever happened to business owners thinking before they speak... Especially in this day and age... Get with the times... LGBTQ are people and you know what? Baby we were born this way... If God didn't want LGBTQ people, he never would have created them... Your PR blunder was a huge one... Get with the times... I personally will never buy their products again, and I was appalled by the ignorance of the company...

Amen to that. . .and I am straight.

D- bag. Try making a real difference. Nobody gives a shit what your fat pasta eating ass thinks. Actions dip shit. Try making some. They speak louder than your fake feminine lisp. Actions can also help you to lose your insecurities by helping you to lose weight. Hint: quit paying for and eating pasta you tank!

who knew people were born with a predetermined sexual orientation? hopefully bertolli will also recognize that pedophiles must be born that way as well. maybe they can market pasta to pedo couples. equality for all! LGBTQP stands together!

I am very sick and tired of you uneducated morons who compare homosexuality to being a pedophile. Consent and rape are two different words with opposite meanings. Grow up and educate yourself while you're at it....

While it is true that nobody can help the way they were born, you absolutely cannot equate pedophilia with homosexuality. There's a huge difference between two adults in a consenting relationship and someone preying on children who cannot consent due to their age.

I suppose next you'll drag out the old 'marry their dogs and toaster ovens' trope. Yawn. Do you people ever use your brain for thinking, or do you just memorize Rush Limbaugh's talking points instead?

Notice the ignorant (like ANONYMOUS here) are big talkers with their baseless stupidity but are also cowards who spread their BS from the anonymity of lonely, dank hiding places under the rocks of social media and the internet. 

What a fuckface

Yeah. There is no conparrison. One is a dangerous abuser of children. The other is two adults who have a loving relationship.

it is only dangerous when one acts upon those desires. no crime has been committed to only have desires. stop being a bigot. homosexuality used to be considered a disease and was against the law. much like how we treat pedophiles today. it's time for the LGBTQP community to stand up for our pedo brothers and fight the good fight for equality. they were born that way too, and it's time for their equality as well.

You should probably get therapy to deal with your self hatred and obvious closet homosexuality.

If you don't know the difference between two adults having a consensual sexual relationship and a person who engages in inappropriate activity with a pre-sexual human being who lacks the ability to comprehend sexual contact or give informed consent to participate in a sexual relationship, then you have a much bigger problem than a pasta company's PR nightmare.  I would strongly recommend that you consult a mental health professional or, better yet, a law enforcement authority who can explain to you the difference between a relationship between equals or peers regardless of gender and sexual abuse of a child.  I am sure that they will be happy to make sure that you are well educated before releasing you back into the general population, because while you may think equating homosexuality with pedophilia is funny, most people don't find abusing children a joking matter.  

Homosexuality was considered a disease for political reasons.  Pedophilia is considered a disease because it can lead to behavior that hurts children.  You should be grateful people see it as a disease rather than as something done on purpose--as it turns out, a LOT of child sexual abuse is crime of opportunity, not actually arising from pedophilia--because at least with the disease model they are less likely to tar, feather, and lynch you.  And I tell you what--if they did lynch you, it'd probably be the first time in ever that they did it to someone actually guilty.

Get help and quit whining.

Um... Not too little too late. Different company. 

What will genetic engineering do to the homosexual community?

Hopefully nothing.  It's not ethical to genetically engineer people.

Sorry I stand corrected... The competition was asinine making the remarks they did... Bertolli, I have purchased your products far more... And I will support you... As for the competition who had the PR blunder, they can kiss my gay a** good bye!

Manga Bertolli!

I'm a little concerned about the dog pasta, who is cleary being dragged by the leash. Plus, he or she has no ears. I hope Bertolli does not support animal abuse. 

You so crazy.

Hahahahahaha!  Love it!

Did anyone notice the orphan. All too many times we completely ignore the way we exploit this population of our society. Really did we need to show a small lonely piece of pasta sitting on the edge of a spoon.

Its not an orphan its the two bowtie (farfalle) little daughter who went ahead in the sauce LOL

Maybe it's a little person! And he/she happens to be single at the moment! Which is completely acceptable and a totally legitimate mode of existence!

I think the "small lonely piece of pasta" is a toddler, and belongs to the gay couple dancing. Forget that she's sitting on the edge of a spoon. It's an ad, for gosh sakes.

Anyone else get that pun about the "penne"?

Hah! Those might actually be "ziti," which means, roughly, "bridegrooms."

Heh heh, I get it. I like the whole thing; it's hilarious!

Penne means "pens" not "straight," so it's not really a pun that I can see.

The pun is penne as in penis. Hahahah get it? Shiiiiit. Have a sense of humor "ambyr" and please dont spell your name with a yr

:( I don't. 

Kinda kicks Barilla in the al dente.

OK but seriously, who names their kid Guido?

What the hell did they think was going to happen?

Bye bye Barilla. Hello Bertoli!

I agree.

Awesome. As I've a gay-friendly stomach I'll be sticking with Bertolli's. 8-)

Lol this is great. We buy Bertolli anyhow!

awww God BERTOLLI rock's!

I have always preferred Bertolli over Barilla. Bravo!

Well played.

Bravo, Bertolli!!

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