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Embattled Barilla Chairman Releases Video Apology For Anti-Gay Remarks, Wants To Meet With LGBT Groups

Guido Barilla, chairman of the popular pasta company that shares his family name, has issued another apology for disenfranchising the LGBT community from his customer base in an anti-gay rant heard 'round the world. 

This time around, Guido is using an intimate video to plea for the gay community to give him another chance, as well as to announce meetings with leaders of LGBT organizations in the coming months. 

Considering his first apology did nothing to blunt the blow of damage for Barilla, will this more intimate statement do the trick?


He meant what he said and no apology will convince people that he has changed his views. He is certainly entitled to his beliefs and the people who support equal rights are entitled to theirs and can shop accordingly.

Coors used to be a thorn in the side of the gay community.  Now they donate lots of money and are supportive of gay groups. It helped when one of the Coors children came out.  Perhaps this could be a turning point for this company as well.  Let their pocketbook be the judge.

I agree with Kyle - THOUGH - UNTIL that day when it's ALL in PLACE - I support a BUY-cott of BERTOLLI since they've been recognizing the gay community for OVER 4 YEARS (NOT just trying to cash in on the Barilla crap) - it's GENUINE -

Regarding Coors - SADLY VERY FEW people know that the other beer companies were NEVER called to scrutiny from the Coors drama & for a LONG LONG TIME they were the ONLY beer company to have Domestic Partner Benefits & a Gay Employee group.  Yet the gay community held on to it for a LONG LONG time - heck - some STILL hold onto it!!!!!

this dude is just digging himself even deeper in the dark hole of falling sales.  Look, I get it. You are probably a strong Catholic Italian family and you don't support promoting gay families cause of your faith or whatever.  But if you REALLY mean that you are sorry about your comments then my question is... Why do you care?  You said yourself that if we didn't LIKE your advertising (which i sure as hell don't NOW!) we will just "eat another brand." So obviously you don't give a shit if we strongly disagree with your comments or not.  I eat very little carbs but and I sure hell won't use them on your damn pasta bro.

No.  This is not something that can be compensated for.  What he said was not an accident.  He did not accidentally use the word "fag" as an expletive.  He stated with considerable detail his position on an issue and why.  This is simply damage control.  At least stand by the few, if any, convictions you have Mr. Barilla while we do the same.  You do not 'apologize' away age-ism, gender-ism, race-ism, sex-ism, or any other 'ism'.  You change your beliefs over time or not at all.  While I do believe people do, over time, embrace change...I do not believe it is done so quickly and with such clear external (disingenuous) motivations.  Your apology is just got caught and are afraid of how this will impact your companies bottom line.  Make a crow flavored Barilla product and move on...we will...we have.

Um....NO! His opinions are very likely the same....he's just trying to save his business. Let him sell to the christians!

all he did was preach HATE,

 also we don't like your pasta and your message and I guess we will eat another brand!!!!

If gays "like our pasta and our advertising, they'll eat our pasta, if they don't like it then they will not eat it and they will eat another brand," he said. 

Time to make that commercial Guido!

u said it and ment it ! nothing changes that fast!  never will buy the brand again!  im just sick of people saying things like that,then once his bordmembers or ect.. tell him that will hurt us. all the sudden awwll im sorry. not! you still fell that way!

He's just worried about his profit

He's a bigot, and should not be trusted by his apologies, what was said is obviously how he feels about the LGBT community so that is what his company should feel, the LGBT community should boycott so to speak his brand of pasta and sauces which I don't think are very good to begin with when I tried them in the past... make a better product if he wants to get on the good side of the community

Actions speak louder than words. He can apologize until he's blue in the face, but that's not going to prove anything. If. He is serious, Barilla should include LGBT individuals in their policies, and since he said he wouldn't make a commercial with a same-sex couple, he should do that.

Too late! He's just trying to staunch the flow of money out of his pockets. I don't believe a bit of his apology. He was probably told to issue this statement by his PR team at Barilla, because heretofore he's had his head up his ass.

Just how many "leaders of LGBT groups" does he think will respond to the invitation?  I can't wait to see how this progresses . . . 

He has already been able to get BOTH feet into his mouth. 
Now he is going to scoot around on his ass and get into more trouble.

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