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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Will Appeal Court Ruling Allowing Same-Sex Marriage

No big surprise here. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seems intent on standing on the wrong side of history. He announced that he'll definitely appeal a New Jersey judge's ruling that same-sex marriages must be allowed in the state

According to LGBTQ Nation

A spokesman for Gov. Chris Christie says he will appeal a state court ruling calling for same-sex marriage to be legalized. Spokesman Michael Drewniak says Christie “will let the Supreme Court make this constitutional determination” after lawmakers rejected his previous plan to have voters decide whether to allow same-sex marriage. A state judge ruled earlier Friday that the state must allow same-sex couples  to marry beginning Oct. 21.


Is Christie just fighting the inevitable, Instincters? What's keeping him from letting this go?


Once somebody this big sits down,it is very hard to get up again.

he doesnt do anything for our state! time for him to get out of office and perhaps he can find a better career!

Wow, why is he so strongly against gay marriage!  I'd like to hear his reasoning just out of curiosity. Is it religion?  If so, which?  I just can't imagine someone going this far out of his way for this. But seriously he needs to let it go!

I'm curious Bronson, what does it say about the person slinging insults? Personally I care little for political correctness when the person is right and has chosen colorful language. 

Christie is nothing more than blowhard pig pandering to an uneducated base he hopes to solidify for a GOP Presidential nomination. 

Christie Creme! I love it.

He is trying (way too hard) to keep his name out there.  This is a desperate attempt.  And WHAT A HORRIBLE PICTURE!  Ewwww...

He's ignorant and a bully.  I'm stating fact not insulting him.

This guy is disgusting.  Who is he?  Oh yeah.  Governor Christie Creme.  Go eat another HOG.....

This is a huge mistake Christie's making, and our victory is certainly inevitable, but dislike his politics or not, Robert, it doesn't do anyone any good for you to lower the conversation to personal insults.  It really says more about the insulter than the insulted.

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