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Video: Philly News Anchor & Meteorologist Throw Epic Shade At Each Other

Apparently the weather forecast in Philly calls for all tea and all shade, at least that's what we're gathering based on the interaction between saucy news anchor Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Carol Erickson. 

The promise of these passive aggressive exchanges, brought to us by Gawker, would be enough to perk us up in the morning! Who needs coffee?!

Take a look at what the ladies of Philadelphia's CBS 3 News are serving on a daily basis.


Team Nicole or Team Carol, Instincters?


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I bet that does wonders for their ratings. Could have even started serious than turned into a ratings schtick. Either way, it's awesome. I'd watch the news more if they had more cat fightig

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I mean... I have to admit, I am allllll #TeamNicole 

Am I watching a different video than everyone else?  Every time Carol tries to extend an olive branch, Nicole responds like a cunt.

I am for Team Carol.  Obviously Nicole didn't win the Miss whatever pageant based on good manners and kindness.   It's too bad women can't be more supportive of each other.

Nicole showing no couth or tact. She is a sham to her youth fueled by ignorance. A shallow cocky priss. GLAD I F**K BOYS.

Team Nicole cool

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