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Seattle Bumps San Francisco To Become No. 1 U.S. City For Gay Households

San Francisco has been dethroned and replaced with a new queen.

According to new figures released by the U.S. Census Bureau, Seattle now has the most gay households of America's 50 largest cities. The just-released numbers show that in 2012, gay households numbered at 2.6 percent in Seattle, knocking out San Francisco, which, at 2.5 percent, had boasted the No. 1 spot since 2000. 

When it comes to further specifying, however, San Francisco still has more gay male couples living within its boundaries whereas Seattle claims a wide margin of lesbian households at 1.2 percent, the only city to pass the one percent mark. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Colorado Springs, Fort Worth and El Paso round out the bottom of the list with the least amount of gay couples calling the cities home.

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Yes Misha...cheaper...and a much better, real city.  Not a the gay version of Disneyland - woudl that be "Castro-land?"

San Francisco is like some huge, faded dowager constantly bragging about, and resting on, her past glories.  But gurrrl...what have you done lately?  Seattle is the West Coast debutante...slick (maybe from all that rain...hehehe), beautiful, smart, and hip.  Yes, I've lived in both places...and am proud Seattle is the place I call home.

Washington State was also the FIRST state to approve same-sex marriage by ballot-approval of its citizens...and along with Colorado, legalized marijuana.

Move over California - you've pretty much lost your progressive street credibility.  Still an awesome place mind you, just no longer the leader.

Um....why would they even have wasted their time with Colorado Springs? LOTS more gays in Denver...???

In Atlanta, the lesbians tend to live in suburban Decatur (thus not counted), while the gay males tend to live in Midtown, within the city (thus counted). Sometimes statistics can be misleading due to issues like this.

I'm interested in the source of this data. I would like to know more about how it is gathered and if there are inferences made in the data analysis. I would wonder if there is under-reporting in communities where bias is more prevalent and unabashedly expressed. It would be interesting to posit if the gays are there, coupled, but living apart  due to bias. 

Simple. Seattle is much cheaper.

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