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Catholic Cardinal Calls Gay Potential US Ambassador "Faggot"

Leaders in the Catholic Church have turned the volume up on their raw anti-gay bigotry in recent months. Perhaps one of the best examples of the all-out Catholic war against the LGBT minority comes via the Dominican Republic, where a cardinal has referred to one of President Obama's ambassador nominees as a "faggot."

Buzzfeed reports:

Catholic Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez referred to Brewster as a “maricón” — which is usually translated as “faggot” — during a press conference. At his side, Monseñor Pablo Cedano promised the nominee such an unpleasant stay in the country that he will have to return home.

“I hope he does not arrive in the country because I know if he comes he is going to suffer and will have to leave,” Cedano said. He called it “a lack of respect” that Obama “sent … a person of this kind as an ambassador,” adding, “[W]e don’t despise the person.” 

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Isn't that what we call "self hate"?  After all, if anyone knows about gays and lesbians it should be a Roman Catholic cardinal- considering they are surrounded by gays in the seminaries, religious orders, rectories, convents, and (of course) the Vatican itself.

you are so right... the roman catholic church foundation is built up around homosexuality. i know several roman catholic priests, cardinals and nuns who are faggots just like me... what are they hiding from, even some popes were homosexual, what is wrong with mister, if it is not for gay tourists, dominican republic is in trouble

I confirm that in the Dominican Republic "maricon" is in fact used as an insult and holds the exact meaning of Faggot. Nicolas de Jesus Lopez is an idiot and brings shame to many dominicans.

"Maricón" is an insult here in Dominican Republic, like "Pájaro" "Cundango" and many other ways to insult a gay person... and yep they all of them mean the same  FAGGOT.

I'm not sit that I'd be throwing out insults about someone being an "idiot" without being able to use the correct form of "you're". 

Are threats like those of Monsenor Cedano a part of Catholic Church teachings?  No wonder they are losing all credibility.

Your in idiot if you printed this without the real knowledge of this word.

Your an idiot if you printed this and didn't know the real meaning.  This is why you shouldn't be able to have this job.  Your job should be given to someone else who is a little wiser.

The important thing is that maricón is not exactly faggot. It does not have such strong negative connotations. It's not the same thing. I'm gay and anti-CC but sorry guys, I think you have it wrong here. I wouldn't be insulted if I were called maricón but call me faggot and watch out!

I have been living my whole life here and I can pretty much confirm "maricon" means faggot. 

if they are calling you "maricón" be insulted, it's the same as faggot. 

Dont be so ignorant and dumb. I grew up in a spanish speaking household and I know exactly what that word means, because my parents use to call it to me. I also now work pretty much with all spanish speaking people and I just read them this article about the cardianl and every single one of them called him, "grosero" which means he is bad mouthing to the fullest with his insults.

I don't know where you coming from, but, most in Spanish speaking countries "maricón" is an insult. 

I agree with Robert. The translation here is weak. It is not the same as all as we understand faggot here in this country. marcion means homosexual.

I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Maricón is faggot. Maricón is an insult.

REally - these are Spiritual Leaders for the Catholics - these two are more like Thugs.  What an embarrassment.  And the Catholic Church wonders why they are irrelevant.

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