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Woman Posts Husband's Pic On Facebook After Finding Him Bed With Another Man


This pic  is making the rounds on the interwebz after a woman allegedly came home early from work to find her husband asleep in bed with another man. 

She explains:

“This is a real pix. I live in 5 minutes from Atlanta, but I work 2 hours away. A month ago my supervisor let me off early because there was damage to the ceiling from a rain storm.

I walked in my house and saw clothes on the hallway floor. I walked in my bedroom and saw what you are seeing.

The man with the thumb in his mouth is my husband. I have no idea who the other man is. I took this pix with my camera. I did not wake my husband. I just left. He has not seen me since. He has not attempted to call me or even drive to my work place.

Unphucknbelievable..Smmfh! I Tell Ya About Them Lil Wayne A$$ Nickas ..just as Happy as they wanna be!! My Reason for posting this pic is not to be funny but to reassure the ladies that Its Real Out Here and Its Packs U Cant Take Back So Always (No Matter What) Protect YoSelf.. because every so called man aint no real man.. instead they’d rather have one! IJS!”


The thumb sucking. We can't. 

Next week on The DL Chronicles....


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Who cares?  This is their problem, not ours.


Hoax. A simple Google Image search shows this was posted first in Oct. 2012:

This is completely fake, that man lives in SF.

It's probably a posed pic.  Although I would like to see a nanny-cam from about 2-hours before the pic was taken.

Just sayin'

So, you're helping to spread her outing of this man and her homophobia? I expect more. 

Hold on. I call a time out. This is not some random man...this is not her brother...not her friend...this is HER HUSBAND. A man that vowed to love and cherish her (and ONLY her) for the rest of their lives. Not only did she find him cheating, but found him cheating with a MAN. Hell yea, he deserves to be outted and more.

This is a hoax, I know the other man very personally, and he has not had that hair for a coup,e f years now, sure just some frustrated bitchy queen setting him up

Uhm.  She didn't know?  How long was she married?  How long did she know him before she married him?  Seems this day and age people would be more honest with people they want to fucking marry.

I can't find the translate button. WTF???


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