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NJ Gov. Chris Christie: 'I Do Not' Believe In Same-Sex Marriage

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie spoke with Tracy Smith on CBS's Sunday Morning and answered questions regarding his stance on same-sex marriage. 

CBS News writes of the Q&A session:

Right now, Christie's fighting for re-election in November. He's ahead of Democrat Barbara Buono by more than 30 points, and has a 66-percent approval rating -- even though polls find most New Jerseyans disapprove of Christie's handling of some key issues, like same-sex marriage.

"You do not believe in same-sex marriage?" Smith asked.

"I do not," Christie said. "But what I will tell you is that I understand that good people of good will have a difference of opinion on this. And so my view on it is, put it on the ballot. Let the people decide."

On Friday, a judge ruled that New Jersey must allow same-sex marriage. Christie vowed to appeal.


What's your take on his response? For video of Christie's CBS interview, head here


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Why does it 'matter' what he 'believes' etc.   Why doesn't he listen to the constituency, & chill...

It seems many 'Str8' Males feel soooo 'threatend' by this...Such self-flattery !

I'm sure disappointed in Christie.

So, Christie doesn't believe in my marriage.  I believe in his, but not in him.  He does not want me to have the same legal rights that he takes for granted for himself.  In other words, he wants a double standard as far as marriage is concerned.  He is calling himself a hypocrit.

"Good people of good will" disagree about what your salary should be, too. Should we put that on the ballot as well?

Look at his record! The ONLY Chris Christie is for, is favoritism for his Wall Street Bullies. 

Proofread much? I meant to say: The ONLY THING CC is for.... 

That is his prerogative. However, as my Southern Baptist uncle says "You know why I'm for gay marriage? Because it's none of my business!" And that is the best reason I've heard to support Marriage Equality.

thanks joe! cool uncle!

Political expediency bullsh*t!  The governator said the exact same thing over & over again. It's pandering, pure & simple. 

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