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Video: Scruffy Gay Ally Ben Cohen's First Week On 'Strictly Come Dancing'

America's favorite ballroom show Dancing With The Stars has kicked off quite the gay-friendly season with Amber Riley, Brant Daugherty, Elizabeth Berkley, Christina Milian and others, but Britain's Strictly Come Dancing has managed to see the U.S.'s gay quotient and raise it with scruffy straight LGBT-rights advocate Ben Cohen.

Our favorite rugby pinup debuted on the dance floor this week as the new season kicked off. Was he as easy on his feet as he is on the eyes?





"Stiff and blocky" what do you expect? he's an athlete, not a dancer. My God he's all muscle, not feminine like a dancer. That's why we like him. His studliness. 

Stiff and blocky?. I thought he was the complete opposite being too soft and not in charge in this routine. But I give him a 10 for bringing muscles and smiles to the dance floor. :)

And just like that all my fantasies of him disappear in a poof because of a stiff and blocky Cha-Cha.

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