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Openly-Gay HGTV Star David Bromstad Defends Working With Homophobic Salvation Army

Barilla pasta wasn't serving the only gay-related damage control on social networks all weekend long. Out HGTV star David Bromstad also played defense on Facebook when the LGBT community became outraged upon finding out that he was working with the notoriously anti-gay Salvation Army. 

Bromstad is slated to host an event for the homophobic organization in Ft. Lauderdale on October 18, despite the Salvation Army's well documented war on gay people. (Most recently, a statement from a Salvation Army leader made in 2012 resurfaced online this month depicting his wish to see gays executed per the Bible.)

Writes Bromstad in his defense:

Dear fans, 

I've read your feedback on my participation with The Salvation Army USA, as an openly gay person whom just happens to also be a celebrity, I took the Salvation Army's request to participate in their fundraiser as one step in the right direction towards equality. If we simply separate ourselves from those that we assume appose us or our beliefs then we will never make strides in the right direction. I applaud the Salvation Army's symbolic handshake towards acceptance and would be foolish to not extend my hand in acceptance.

Is Bromstad off the hook?



You know what David, you've just lost a fan and my support of you and your show.  You said that you accepted their invitation to host the SVA "party" and said that you felt that it was a step in the right direction for equality?  I think you need to stop smokin crack, because what's going to happen is you're going to support a gay hating organization like the SVA and they're not going to give a damn about you.  But what you don't realize is that you're going to lose A LOT of fans because you thought accepting an invite to the SVA was a "step in the right direction for equality."  That's like Jesus Christ accepting an invitation from the Devil to host a card game.  I think you and Greg Louganis share the same half a brain.  You both are openly gay and you're both supporting ANTI-GAY events.  It's a step in the direction of another openly gay "celebrity" slapping the LGBTQ COMMUNITY in the face.  Thanks a lot.  btw, i don't consider you to be a celebrity, cause if you bumped into me at a party or on the street I wouldn't know you from a can of paint. 

I'm sorry, George who?

No worries cause I'm sure no one else there would know whom you are and most if not all would know who he is. Bitter Bitter Jealous Queen.

The Salvation Army should make a verbal and written step and outreach immediately to those in the gay community who need help. David is making history by working with them to improve the lives of the less fortunate . It is obvious with over 4 years of a nationally televised show under his belt he has reached celebrity status. As you can see from some of the bitter berries that commented , jealousy and insecurity go hand in hand .

Let's magnify on the good that is being done here and know that we are one step closer to unity and equality.

They have through the Miami Herald

A few centuries later and the descendants of African tribes that sold their black brothers into slavery are still held in contempt by many Afro-American and Caribbean blacks. Betrayal is hard to forgive or forget.  Unless this celebrity uses the opportunity to criticize the Sally Ann for their homphobic agenda, he is playing into their hands and perpetuating it.

Bravo Show them your a bigger man that shows maturity and wisdom Bravo!!

Is he a "celebrity" without fans.  Didn't think so.  Buh-Bye Douche Nozzle.

They have helped many homeless men, who happen to be gay and have addictions and have placed them back into the community.


I agree with what David said and what he's trying to do to get SAs acceptance of gays. I applaud you David.

You people need to grow up he's doing a good deed for a good cause.  Just because you disagree with the CEO does not mean all SA's employees are that way. 

There are many many people with SA that accept and support our rights.  Relax a bit, this isn't even a big deal.

Good for you David Bromstad.  I still would like one of your paintings

You people?

Drew, are we talking about the same organization?  

The Salvation "Army" is exactly that, an ARMY.  They do not have a "CEO", they have a commander-in-chief.  They do not have "employees", they have foot soldiers.  All of them members of the "Army for Christ".  And they ALL follow the "party line," though possibly some not to the same extreme, calling for the execution of LGBT people.  

Most people, including yourself obviously, do not understand these basic facts about this organization.  And while I applaud David's idea & basic principle, I do not applaud or support his actions.  This is, to me, roughly the equivalent of extending a hand to the Nazis who only want to help me into the cattle cars.  The Salvation Army is capitalizing on this man's "celebrity" (whoever he is, somebody please tell me) to advance their agenda, which SPECIFICALLY does not include acceptance of LGBT people in any way, shape, or form.  

Not sure why everyone is upset that he called himself a celebrity... he IS a celebrity and he didn't say it in a bragging manner.  He's simply letting it be know that his celebrity can and will help the Salvation Army. YES, the Salvation Army is behind the times and doesn't like homosexuality, but their views shouldn't punish those that need their services.

I applaud him for taking the step, especially when so many people (including gay people that are ready to denounce anyone that doesn't "fight the power" with the same ignorance as those that hate gays) will see it as negative.

Regardless of his position, he should hire a grammar checker to be sure of the correct word usage in his statement.  I think he meant "oppose" instead of the word "appose."  There's nothing worse than a celebrity that contextually misuses words.  SMH

As an openly gay man WHOM happens to be a celebrity, can't he hire a proofreader?

MEDIA WHORE......HOW DARE HE!  This is just for HIMSELF......SHAME!

He can go ahead and participate in their event but he had better use the platform they are giving him to say, "as an out, proud gay man, I deplore the Salvation Army's statements and stances on gay rights issues, even as I support the organizations work in other vital areas." Otherwise he's just windowdressing on a very ugly window.

If we just shut them off period then that doesn't help ANYONE- he gives a positive face to the community, and if the SA has asked him then that is a shift in their thoughts.  His celebrity star is not as bright as many other straight stars that could have been asked to draw in much more money for them, so they went a safe route with an upstanding gay man in the lime light.  The SA does do great deeds, and you should not judge the whole of their work based on the horrible things that one person said.  Everyone attacked Target when their CEO gave money to the MN politician who was anti-gay- even though Target is one of the most gay friendly employers in the USA- you all screamed a while then went back to shopping there after the company apologized (but still not the CEO), so you all get angry with David Bromstad if you want- everyone got into an uproar, he stated his reason why, and how the decision feels right to HIM and that should be the end of it.  

first of all to refer to yourself as a celebrity imply's that you not famous at all, way to be humble DORK! Second of all, a teeny tiny baby step in the right direction would be to denounce the statement that all gay's should be killed and apologize for any harm that the statement might have caused, cause you better believe that there are people who got harmed because of this incredulous statement. Also I would just like to say asking this man to help with whatever he is s so de rigeur at the moment it dosen't even mean anything to do it. They are simply asking him to help to make themselves  look better I imagine. So thats that 

This is ignorant, he knows they are using his "celebrity" to gain attention for their cause or they would not work with him period!! and it's going to be like "don't ask, don't tell" he is not going to be allowed to work on an open platform as himself and this is not going to help them change they're mind, they're opinion comes from a religious point of view and that can't be changed by him working with them it's not about "showing" them gays are "ok" it's about them being educated and realizing that gays are just people and if you believe in god then you have to believe god made gay people and as long and as hard as religion keeps trying to prove gay people are bad they have gotten nowhere with that fight. to prove his point he should work with another charity and show the Salvation Army what good comes from working with gays on an open platform and how supportive people can be to gays that's how you prove to them that it's ok to be gay not by letting them tolerate you while you work for no no!!!!

Don't ask Don't tell was implemented by President Clinton, a stanch supporter of LGBT and equality issues. It to was his foot in the door or baby step towards complete equality in the military. Without Don't Ask Don't Tell gays would not now be allowed in the military. Big change comes in small steps whereas small change or no change comes from trying to leap ahead instantly to your goals. 

No David's got it all wrong on this one...beware of Religious Institutions...they're only about their agenda...they're using him.

you said it so straight and to the point, well put.

yes, he is openly gay and they hired him, It is a step from salvation army. im not saying salvation army has good intentions but on Bromstad's behalf, he did the right thing

Refers to self as "Celebrity"... -10 pts for lack of modesty

I would call anyone who's had his own national TV show for 7 years a celebrity. Not sure how you'd define it but I can only imagine however you would you'd be wrong. 

No, he is not off the hook. He is wrong. This has happened throughout history, whether it was Jews for Hitler, Slaves supporting their owners, woman being against suffrage,e etc. It is unethical to support the Salvation Army at this time. 

Well, what do the higher-ups in the Salvation Army say in response to this letter to us from Bromstad?

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