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Was An Anti-Gay Tea Party Congressman From Nebraska Just Outed?

Michael Rogers, "the most feared man in Washington," continues to make good on his summertime promise to out three anti-gay members of Congress. On Monday, Rogers, an openly gay blogger with a perfect track record of outing anti-gay politicians (Larry Craig and Mark Foley, to name a few), turned his attention to Sen. John Barrasso from Wyoming

On Tuesday, however, he was already implying that he had moved on to his next target. 

The tweet is clear enough, but when asked to expand on the meaning, Rogers declined. "My tweets stand on their own." 

Even if you disregard the innuendo in the tweet, Smith's voting history aligns with Michael's June pledge to out three vehemently anti-gay Congressmen. 

The New Civil Rights Movement provides a bit of backstory:

Smith voted against ENDA in 2007. He voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) this year, which included provisions for “underserved populations” including sexual minorities and Native Americans. Smith even voted against the VAWA last year — two years in a row.

Rep. Smith even voted to prohibit the use of any federal funds to support same-sex marriages on military installations. So, if, say, an officer in the Navy wanted to marry her same-sex partner in Groton, Connecticut, where the subs are, Smith would want to ensure that even a janitor would not be paid by the U.S. government to mop the floor after an on-base or onboard wedding.

Congressman Smith certainly has earned his zero rating from HRC. Every chance possible, he voted against repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and against the Hate Crimes Bill.

Though a majority of the community would take issue with the casual outing of prolific closeted personalities (Perez Hilton took a lot of gay flack for such a thing), is Rogers' work acceptable?


I don't have a problem with outing an anti-gay politician-- or one that claims to be all about family values, but isn't practicing what he preaches.

BUT isn't it counter productive if there seems to be zero evidence to back up the outing? Makes it a non-story for the rest of the media.

My tweets, Sam, stand on their own.

Do you have evidence he is straight?

"I was in our capital city this weekend and found out that a gay friend of mine had an affair with Adrian Smith (Republican candidate NE-03) who is running on a save-traditional-marriage, anti-gay-rights, anti-civil-union platform.

I know - it's no longer news when a hyper-Christian Conservative is found to be gay so let me tell you the REALLY BIG NEWS: the Kleeb campaign has known for a while and consciously chose not to take action! OMG! Could it be we have a chance to send a truly decent man to Washington?​

You know what really makes me mad? Not that Smith's gay. Who cares? I don't. It's that we all know what the Republican party would do if they had a whif of this kind of information about a Dem. Hell the RNCC has been using Scott's support of civil unions as a gay-baiting scare tactic in their sleazy ads.

I don't want to out Adrian, but a bit of googling will find some info here and there about him so I'm going to write this. From what my friend said Adrian was a really great guy but he stopped seeing him when he found out who he was and and the many anti-gay bills he sponsored and/or supported. Adrian really does seem like a nice (and decent) fellow, but I sure as hell hate to send another hypocritical, conservative Christian closeted gay to Congress even if he is a nice guy. Obviously, like all the other conservatives being accidentally outed, he hates himself and this is his way of compensating for that hatred." ~​


Great Post. #thanks!

Yes, it's acceptable only because these people, apparently, are public officials making anti-gay policy. It's still a sad thing on a personal level. These poor, sad men...

They are making a choice to destroy our country and promote hate...They deserve to be tossed out of the closet, the worthless bunch of hypocritical bigots.

We need to have mutual respect for differences of  people. Pope Francis says this too


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Really? You're quoting the head of a notoriously homophobic, sexist, anachronistic institution which is FILLED with closeted homosexuals? It is our DUTY to expose the hypocrisy of our elected officials - especially those whose votes and actions oppress others. 

In the cause of justice, FUCK YEAH IT IS!!!  Out of all them, and throw their asses onto the street!!

It is one thing to out someone who is minding their own business and being a contributing member of society. It is another to use your position to take out your self hatred on those that could use a positive voice.

Their Toyboy escorts and beat buddies need to talk to the media!! Lol if true this couldn't happen to more deserving ppl!!

In the history of the battle for equal rights, these are the traitors. Outing is the work of heroes. 

And look Aaron Schock is sitting next to him....things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Not only sitting next to him, but look at how he's looking at him....things that make you go hmmm, indeed! 

I don't usually condone "outing" but this is different. These are legislators actively working against our community. If it's proven that they're gay, I say "out" them.

IMHO. Outing a politician who has consistently voted with our tax dollars against us doesn't deserve protection. If he weren't in a direct position to harm millions with his voting then it would be different.

Yes - definitely as these asshats are destroying our community.  I have my popcorn ready :)

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