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Marine Arrested For Plans To Have Orgy With A Young Family

A marine based at Southern California's Camp Pendleton is facing a litany of charges after being apprehended during a disturbing undercover sting. 

Stephen Lewis, a Private First Class, had embarked on a 400-mile roadtrip for a casual sex rendezvous arranged with a father, his 12-year old son and 11-year old daughter. Stephen met the father (an undercover Department of Homeland Security Agent) on notorious incest website

The Smoking Gun has more:

After being told by the undercover that he and his family believed in “love and sex regardless of age or society’s views,” Lewis replied, “That’s what I want to. I’ll come visit this weekend if you let me.”

“Who would I have sex with?” Lewis asked the undercover, who answered, “either son or dau.” The Marine later texted, “I’d make love to all 3 of you.”

During a text message exchange the following day, the undercover asked about “any fantasies that u want fulfilled with my dau.” Lewis replied, “Havering kids with her and fucking them, ducking your ass, her using a strapon on me, 3 way.” He then sent a clarifying note: “Sorry phone is auto correcting. Fucking her ass.”

Lewis also reported that he would go to Walmart and buy “masks to be worn while recording sex acts between himself and the children.” Lewis added that he would also purchase sex toys and bring Marine Corps shirts for the minors.

Lewis was apprehended along his drive at a Starbucks, where he reportedly admitted his intentions to have sex with the father and his two underage kids as well as being in possession of child porn on his computer at the base. Masks and a sex toy were found in Lewis's vehicle. He now faces felony charges of enticement of children and possession of child pornography. 

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child pornography is just that no matter who you are or what you do.....WRONG

Him being in the service has nothing to do with it. Don't make that the issue

These are the worst sort or terrorists.  

OK, I'm not saying this is right, but please explain to me like I'm a 2-year old how this protects Homeland Security??? It doesn't. This is a plain old sting operation that could have been done by Federal or state law enforcement without getting Homeland Security involved. This is not what Homeland Security was intended for. It was designed to protect us from terrorists!!!!!

Joe, the ICE section of The Department of Homeland Security is the agency that specifically deals with child porn and sexual abuse to minors. This is mainly because a lot of child porn and child trafficking deals with crossing country border, which is a homeland security issue. Rather than have a completely different agency for domestic issues it us more efficient if one agency deals with all of them.

Why anyone would ever want to spend ANY time with ANY children for ANY reason is beyond me!

Oh man, that just made me laugh so much.  Thank you.

DON'T blame this stuff on abuse.  Or on being a service member.  Speaking as a service member, several of us DO come from bad backrounds, we are enlisting to escape.  None of that excuses pedophilia.  I believe he should be locked away for life and/or castrated.

Jail for life and NOT in protective custody. Main stream where all rockspiders should go!!!

It's hard to read this and not gag.  I can't believe the sick stuff that goes on.

Thanks to the Homeland Security team for catching this vile pig, Imagine how many men like this who are in service go and do this kind of despicable stuff to innocent children in other countries and we never hear about it.........Uuggghhh it disgusts me!

That is a very sick young man. I hope he gets the help he needs instead of just putting him in jail. Jail won't make him realie ze why what he's doing is wrong and sickening. He was obviously abused as a young man.

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