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NASCAR Driver Fined For Saying "Fag" On Instagram

A "joke between friends" has turned into a 10,000 dollar fine for Nelson Piquet Jr., who was disciplined by NASCAR this week for calling a fellow driver "fag" on Instagram. 

According to USA Today:

In response to fellow Nationwide Series driver Parker Kligerman's selfie after a workout, Piquet wrote a comment with a three-letter slur. Kligerman appeared to laugh it off with a comment of his own, but a fan snapped a screen shot and it caught NASCAR's attention.

In a Twitter exchange with @MatthewBreuer, Piquet said the comment was teasing between friends.

"Don't act like if u have never called your friends names," Piquet said in a now-deleted tweet. "Were (sic) not living in the 50s anymore bud.. jokes are jokes."

Do you think NASCAR made the right move with the $10k fine for an Instagram comment?

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Keith, you're a fag.

Ridiculous. Freedom of speech ?? Not anymore.

I HATE the word fag.  Even typing it now made me feel wrong.  But, I am not sure if this was necessary.  I feel that the context must be taken into consideration.  Like it or not, this word is often thrown around like nothing amongst straight guys.  I don't think it should.

I would say that a warning should have sufficed.  Also a letter to his representation to get him educated on how he should present himself.  If done again, then it is better to educate than just punish.  Put him through diversity training.  If that does not work, start fining the hell out of him and eventually kick him out!  

As much as it can hurt, fag is not the worst that could have been said.  "You have AIDS, You're going to hell, You are against nature, all gay people should be killed or kill themselves,  God hates fags, You're against nature, etc.  Those are the things that should be fined if said publicly.  Those words cause suicides and a low morale and should be treated as hate speech.  Fag is bad, but no worse than a generic racial slur.

Then again, I have had enough of it and have promised to tackle the next person to call me that lol.

I'm with Keith Bailey, on this one!!!!

Or the homosexual community could toughen up and not let petty words hurt them so much. I've been out since I was 12. Proudly. And I have never once considered suicide or allowed an idiotic comment to bother me. If fag is the worst these people have, let them call me a fag. Just means I'm getting smoked more than them.

I don't think it was a stiff enough fine. People need to stop using Fag, Queer, or Gay in a derogatory manner. Replace those words with wop, nigger, chink, spic, etc, would it still be acceptable? No. Such words are hateful and derogatory and when directed against others for any reason should be punished.

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