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Video: Kelly Clarkson, The Wedding Singer??

Instinct reader, Ben, tweeted us to let us know that he and his fiancé Ray made the Los Angeles local news due to a special request: they want Kelly Clarkson to perform at their wedding!

Check out their short myFOXla segment. (Sorry, the embedded version of the clip was being wonky.)

We think it was pretty sweet of Julie Chang to share their request, so we figured we'd do the same!

That said, it's not completely selfless. In the event that Kelly makes an appearance we definitely want an invite to that wedding!! 

Nothing's free, Ben!!!

We kid. Kinda. Crossing our fingers that Kelly makes the happy couple's dream come true!  TIE IT UP!!


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This needs to happen!! So excited for you guys. Please everybody spread the word, Kelly needs to surprise these guys in such a special day :)

Instinct, you don't know how much your support and shot out mean so much to us! Thanks again! Oh and your invite is in the mail! 

Thanks Instinct Magazine for the support! My fiancé and I appreciate it. If anyone wants to see the original YouTube video, you can check it out here 

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