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Video: Paul Smith's Death Defying New Underwear Campaign

Paul Smith is taking his new underwear campaigns to death defying new heights! We watched this with our jaws dropped practically to the floor--and not even for the usual reasons!

The UK designer tasked director Sébastien Montaz-Rosset and apparent daredevils Antoine Moineville and Tancrède Melet with scaling the French Alps and skywalking in their skivvies!

We almost passed out at various points and it had nothing to do with these men being practically in the buff. (Well, almost nothing.) Watch!

Thankfully, wearing Paul Smith underwear doesn't have to be such a high risk endeavor, but kudos for a very brave and exciting campaign! 


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Thank... God... I... Wear... Boxers.

Damn-- if I were trying those stunts, I'd have needed  a LOT of clean underwear...

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