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Primal Instinct: Chris Hemsworth Bares His Butt In 'Rush' (NSFW)

We're pretty sure that anyone with a pulse has been on their knees--in prayer--in the hope that Chris Hemsworth would drop trou ever since he debuted his absurdly sculpted body in Thor.

Well director Ron Howard has answered our prayers and allowed Chris to drop the hammer in his new film Rush

Sure, we're only seeing Chris from the back, but what a back it is!! 

Check out this GIF from Rush that shows off Chris Hemsworth's greatest ASSet! (*Click the image if it doesn't move on his own.)

Thanks, Ron!!!!


Image Source (H/T: OMGBlog)


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i agree ron give us a frontal shot from the looks of that ass he looks like he's got a great front side.

Thanks Ron,Thor can come to my door anytime

Now for his frontal debut

el esta bien bueno, 

Thank you Ron Howard for that scene!

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