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Video: Michael Douglas Offers To Share Emmy With Matt Damon: "You Want The Bottom Or The Top?"

Michael Douglas's Emmy victory last night was one of many expected wins for HBO's Behind The Candelabra, but it was his colorful speech that left people talking (and laughing)!

Douglas wanted to share his award with co-star Matt Damon, who played the long-term lover of Douglas's Liberace. See what he had to say!

"This was a two-hander, and Matt, you're only as good as your other hand....You were magnificent, and the only reason I'm standing here is because of you. So, you really deserve half of this. Do you want the bottom or the top?"

What did you think of Douglas's speech, Instincters?


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Some times people just don't get it, Michael Douglas has always had a dry humor! Thanks for sharing video

The acceptance speech was in very poor taste.  I watched the movie last night.  Matt Damon deserved the Emmy, not Michael Douglas.

I am gay, and I loved the jokes. Remember, how our fight got started. We put ourselves out their to be seen at Stonewall, and other places. By making thoughts,comments, jokes, etc... It shows nothing is wrong with who we are. Mr. Douglas is also saying that in his speech, with humor, and love. Bravo!

Mr. Paul Hanley, lighten up! Learn to laugh at yourself. There is a time and place for everything. This movie was about a flamboyant great artist, that was a gay man, and his lover. It seems to me, some gay humor was appropriate for this moment. We are out, we are queer, ENJOY IT!

I don't understand why the straight people playing a gay person feel it necessary to make cheap, stupid 'gay' jokes when they win.  and when when when will a gay person play a gay person!!  and if they were really classy and simply thanked everyone - wow that would be progress!

well deserve win for Michael Douglas... his performance was "par excellance"

Mr. Douglas was awesome! Come on, he was just having a great time! Why people see problems in everything they see? 

Creeper should shut up & go away. For good.

I thought it was HYSTERICAL!  Have always loved Michael Douglas, Matt Damon has been my future-ex-husband for years, but THIS was off the charts . . . even if I didn't care for the movie itself . . .

LUVED it!!!!

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