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Georgia Legislator Blasts College For Celebrating LGBT History Month

Former Georgia state legislator Roger Hines has a big problem with Kennesaw State University's decision to celebrate LGBT History Month throughout October. 

We'll give him a pass for mistakenly calling it Gay Pride month--we wouldn't want the delusional bigot's head to explode upon learning that gays may be acknowledged more than once a year.

Hines submitted an opinion piece to the Cherokee Tribune and he makes his stance clear from the jump:

The action of Kennesaw State University in promoting Gay Pride Month is a slap in the face of the citizens of Cobb, Cherokee, Bartow, and all other counties in the region KSU serves.

For that matter, KSU’s celebration of Gay Pride is an affront to the entire state since the university, the state’s third largest, receives tax money generated by citizens across Georgia. No one who has lived in Georgia for six months could be in doubt about the state’s predominant culture. We aren’t Washington State, and Atlanta isn’t San Francisco either, or not yet.

Yes, far be it for a university to support or acknowledge anything that's outside of the purported "predominant culture."

He goes on to break down the meaning of LGBTIQ and you can imagine the delicate way in which he handled it.  On the "I" (for intersex) and the "Q" (for queer or questioning)  he says: 

“I” is for intersex. Don’t ask me about this one, and if you know, don’t tell. I don’t want to know. If KSU’s goal is “to increase awareness,” they failed to reach me on this one, but there’s enough in the mix already to get the picture.

“Q” is the most disturbing, not because it stands for queer, which it does, but because it also stands for “questioning.” In other words, if a 17- or 18-year-old freshman thinks his or her parents are so yesterday and has questions about his or her sexuality, KSU has answers. Or at least aid and comfort. KSU, that’s not why we have given you all these decades of support. Please get on with mathematics, history, your nursing program, etc.


Of course, it ultimately all comes down to money and Hines just isn't going to take it anymore. He doesn't want his tax dollars going towards a university that's supporting those queers!

I will never believe that most Georgians approve of KSU or any of their other universities pressing or encouraging the gay agenda. But universities do it anyhow. It is the way of academia. They ply state legislators for funds and then foster such things as gay politics that neither state legislators nor their constituents approve of. This should cease.

If there's anything positive to take away from Hines' vitriolic rant, it's the comments section that follows his op-ed. The response from readers is almost entirely in opposition to Hines' comments and that gives us hope that this sort of close-minded hate-speech is on the decline, even in the deep South where Hines is inclined to believe it will always thrive as part of the "predominant culture." 

What do you think of Hines' piece and the community's response, Instincters?


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So, it's OK to promote religion in college? Jesus hippies get my tax dollars too! If state and federal governments have no problem supporting religious ministries in college, and states allow license plates that clearly support religion based organizations ("chose" "life" for example, both in quotation marks for a reason to highlight the hypocrisy of such a statement), then your arguments are invalid! Idiot. How do "educated" stupid people become even more stupid in this country? Separation of church and state is an American tradition, yet this dumbass has no problem going against tradition and law. I'm sick and tired of these backwards hicks dictating against what is legal and allowed, just because they have their beliefs so far shoved up their ass that they think they are entitled to go against 200+ years of progress and social evolution. Wake up. America is not what you think it should be. America is about what the world should be. It's people like this that are destroying America. Ironically, they think they are defending it. That's the funniest thing I've heard in years, maybe my while life. When America is no longer a powerhouse, it will be because of people like this, and nothing to do with gays, women in power, or non-christians. People like this are why we are in the horrible place we are currently in. Don't blame gays, Jews, or Obama. Any argument to the contrary is NOT based on any valid data. Go back to kindergarten and learn how to correctly interpret reality and how to analyze basic data. Get off your high horse and welcome to the 21st century. If you don't like it, then move to a country that is one based in an official religion. Hope you like it there better than here. America is about freedom!!! What you are proposing is suppression. 

As a native of Atlanta, a senior executive for a Fortune 15 company and have been with my partner for 18 years who is also an Executive for a very prestigious company.... This is the exact reason we are ready to get out of Georgia and take our tax dollars with us! What do you expect when you see what is happening with our government today. This is just another reflection of the inept people who have been elected to serve in our government because they cannot be responsible to hold a career and make informed  decisions.   

This has got to be one of the worst cases of a public figure spouting hate that I have ever seen. I've been living here for 27 years too. It is really unsettling to see Russian style idiocy pop up like this in my home state.

So basically its just another old white man babbling and talking gibberish whilst rocking in his chair and pointing fingers. His days are obviously numbered and quite possibly his ideals. Threat level: Zero.

My goodness, but the folks of Georgia are a vocal bunch!  Gives me hope for the future that something this AWFUL could generate the wealth of responses it has, & probably will continue.  Too bad Hines is probably not reading any of them.

Ex-Senator.....don't get your hormones in an uproar.  It's bad for your health.  "Gay Pride Month" is not meant to be a "slap in the face", but a kiss on the cheek.......and that is good for your health.

I think Roger Hines needs a good dose of castor oil, if you ask me.

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