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Foot Cream A Potential HIV Cure?

A very common anti-fungal drug prescribed to combat toe fungus has been shown in cultures to kill HIV dead. But here's the kicker: unlike anti-virals, HIV doesn't return after use of the medication has been stopped. 

CNET reports:

In a study performed at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, not only does the drug Ciclopirox completely eradicate infectious HIV from cell cultures, but unlike today's most cutting-edge antiviral treatments, the virus doesn't bounce back when the drug is withheld. This means it may not require a lifetime of use to keep HIV at bay.

The same group of researchers had previously shown that Ciclopirox -- approved by the FDA and Europe's EMA as safe for human use to treat foot fungus -- inhibits the expression of HIV genesin culture. Now they have found that it also blocks the essential function of the mitochondria, which results in the reactivation of the cell's suicide pathway, all while sparing the healthy cells.

The researchers said that one aspect of HIV that makes it particularly persistent, even in the face of strong antiviral treatments, is its ability to disable a cell's altruistic suicide pathway -- which is typically activated when a cell is damaged or infected. In other words, infected cells that would normally commit suicide to spare healthy cells no longer pull any altruistic kamikaze missions. Ciclopirox tricks these cells back into their old ways with a double negative, disabling the disabling of the suicide pathway.

A few commenters have been critical of the potential use to eradicate HIV, claiming that Ciclopirox's topical effects will be unsuccessful in the blood stream. 

What do you think of this potential way to combat the disease? 

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I'm aware that the skin absorbs materials much more than we had been aware. The application shouldnt be oral or even intravenously. To get the proper raming up of dosage to be effective it should be topical or applicable using patch/absorption.

Peggy I'll pray it works for everyone's sake especially your son

I am not sure about using it topically but perhaps if they make this in pill form to get it into the blood stream it will be more effective.

Please let this be true.......i want my son to live

I hope it works too, not only for your son but for all those afflicted, Stay strong and support your son, you obviously love him very much and that in itself is a very powerful medicine.

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