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Jaw-Dropping Nude Pic Of Australia's Gorgeous New Star Of "The Bachelor" Tim Robards Hits The Internet

The grass is always greener in Oz, it seems, but this time we really don't want to kick our ruby Balmain hills together in a wish to return home, thanks to the The Aussie Bachelor 2013. The new season of Down Under's spinoff of America's hit reality show stars 30-year old Tim Robards, a successful chiropractor who moonlights as an underwear model for AussieBum and other brands. 

With the new season having premiered recently on Channel 10, it didn't take long before more titillating images from Tim's modeling past hit the Internet, including a shot of Tim showing off his bare package that should inspire some entertaining cat fights between the women vying for his attention. 

(Head here for the uncensored image. NSFW link, obviously.)

Will Obamacare cover our flights to Australia to have our backs cracked by Tim? 


it is true that older men do like to get off at anything that hints of of a nice looking cock but let us have our fun while we can since as we get on in years that gets less and less so you youngsters need to chill out.

What a beautify, I have applied for Obamacare and hopefully it will cover the flight, but will he crack my back and more?  LOLLLL.  Awesome hottie.

As far as I am concerned the "nude" is less attractive than the bathing suits. In addition I call this fraud and am going to report it as such. There is a big difference between nude and a black square where the nude should be. Not funny and not acceptable. 

Howard Menzer

So bitter over porn! Some life you must have. The link to the nude is in the story, if you had bothered to read the story before raging in the comments with bs.

you don't need a square that big....

lo amo   a todos  increible  la figuras q tienen  como no enamorarrse de ellos

You need to learn to read Menolike. I know it must be hard for you, but maybe some kindergarten children might want to tutor you. I sure hope you can read this,

Where's the beef?

What's his freakin name? why are we lied to about getting to see a nude pic? what a fluff piece of crap this story is

your stupidity is shocking. maybe read the story? hot guy, love th cock shot!

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Actually, Menolike is right to be annoyed,as am I. You are the one with the problem for being willing to settle. For there is a big difference between "nude" and "partial nude". Wording is EVERYTHING, and REAL writers know that.

Your willingness to settle for that pic in the link as "nude" just shows your willingness to comply with stereotypical American repression over nudity. Either that, or you're the common older guy. For in my experience in porn and discussion moderating on porn and sexuality, I've noticed that guys 40+ are most often inclined to settle for anything titillating put in front of them. Acting like it's the last porn on earth, even if it's just a shirtless pic (maybe) showing ONE strand of pubic hair.

I find this shameful, not just because I'm an American. But also because I'm 42.

I find you and menolike to be ridiculous. Your little angel picture is cute, but you're still ridiculous. With writing, there's implication and interpretation. For example, if they were to say it was a NUDE athlete, and you clicked on the image and there was a man there who was in an artistic pose but you could still not see his ass or his junk, you'd be equally as pissed saying it wasn't nude. If he had his underwear off yet the pic was cropped to where you still couldn't see the tip of his penis, which is barely what you can't see when you follow the link, you'e STILL be acting like a fool. You're 42, but sweet, at 54, you're still acting like a child... which I find many in the porn industry, self entitled assholes, often do. Get over yourself. If you're that bent out of shape, perhaps go back to getting fucked for a living so you can chill out man! You got to see an 99% naked man. 

I commend you.

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