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Uncovered: NOM Collaborated With Russia On Law Banning Adoption By Gay Couples

With their losses in the U.S. snowballing to the brink of irrelevance, the National Organization for Marriage has had to look to other country's where the debate on LGBT rights is ripe for picking. Earlier this year, NOM head Brian Brown spent a lot of the organization's resources and times battling marriage equality in France. Again, the anti-gay group failed and found itself in need of a win. Where else could welcome a despicable group of political homophobes so desperate for a win? Why, Russia, of course. 

Though NOM didn't report the trip when it happened back in June, it has come to international light this week that its leader traveled to Russia to collaborate with the Duma on the law that bans adoption for same-sex couples. 

Right Wing Watch reports:

On June 13, 2013, just days after the Russian Duma passed laws banning on gay “propaganda” and actions that “offend religious feelings,” a delegation of five French Catholic anti-gay activists --at least one with ties to the far-right Front National party -- traveled to Moscow at the invitation of the Duma committee on family, women and children to discuss, among other issues, Russia’s plans to tighten its ban on adoption by same-sex couples abroad. Joining them was one of the most well-known figures in the American anti-gay movement, National Organization For Marriage president Brian Brown. Brown had worked closely with the French anti-gay movement in its protests of the country’s marriage equality law, traveling to Paris to demonstrate against the law and signing onto an email to members of the Collectif Famille Mariage, one of the most prominent groups working to oppose marriage equality in France.


Le Figaro notes that elected officials at the front of the French anti-marriage movement did not respond to the Duma’s invitation to attend the meeting for fear of being “associated with a campaign of homophobia directed by Moscow” but that the name of the far-right Le Pen family “was mentioned several times” at the event. According to Russian news reports, the French activists and Brown attended two events in Moscow. One was a joint meeting on changes in international adoption laws with the Duma’s committee on foreign affairs and its committee on family, women and children – whose chair, Yelena Mizulina, authored the ban on gay “propaganda” and the adoption bill.

The other event was a roundtable discussion on "Traditional Values: The Future of the European Peoples," hosted by the St. Basil the Great Foundation – a Catholic group run by Konstantin Malofeev, the head of a private equity group and spirited anti-gay activist – and also sponsored by the Duma’s family committee, the right-wing Center for Social-Conservative Policy, and a new multi-party group of Russian MPs formed, with approval of the Russian Orthodox Church, to “protect traditional Christian values” and fight “aggressive liberalism” inreaction to Pussy Riot’s protests. Among the measures pushed by the group was the new law imposing jail time for “insulting religious feelings.”

Why is NOM trying to hide its involvement in the materialization of this anti-gay law in Russia?


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