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Did Rihanna Just Out A Sexy 'Straight' Male Star??

Did Rihanna just out a presumably straight male celeb??

Gorgeous international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo recently attended a Rihanna concert and tweeted a photo (like any good Rihanna stan would do):

This, of course, led the media to question whether the two sexy stars were dating (though Cristiano's supposedly been in a relationship with Irina Shayk for some time now).

Allegedly when asked about her potential relationship with Cristiano, Rihanna dropped a curious bombshell in response.

Rihanna told reporters that no, she isn't involved with Cristiano, but added, “I have a lot of gay friends and support sexual diversity.”

Now everyone's wondering if Rihanna unintentionally outed the soccer star!

We are MORE than willing to welcome Cristiano to the team. We'll happily show him the lay of the land, steer him around the curves, etc.

We're sure there's a soccer metaphor to throw in there as well.

What do you think, Instincters? Is Cristiano going to be peeking his gorgeous head out of the closet soon or is this all one big misunderstanding??


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I am not so sure about that relation. Both are celebrities and both have a lot of issues considering their profession only. But where there is a will there is a way. Cheers Rihanna and Cristiano.

So nice to see people calling out the rude comments that have nothing to do with the original post. The question was if Cristiano was gay not if Rihanna's music or clothing are horrible. Clearly he is a fan, as are many people since she has a staggering amount of #1 hits. I am as boggled by that as others by I enjoy alot of her music, think she is beautiful and "hope" that her comment was unintentional, since I do not believe in outing anyone. And it should not matter anyway what his orientation is to anyone but his sexual partners.  As for the eyebrows...that is a common practice of MANY HETEROSEXUAL Latino men. It's just a cultural thing and has nothing to do with sexuality. Though it's nice to see that even gay people get caught up in stereotypes. 

So much anger from a simple question. geesh. If he is good on him and if not good on him. either way both sexes will dream about him. :)

who cares if he is gay starlight or an alien. 

What ever Rihanna said is her opinion and she entailed to it, as all of you are entitled to an opinion but the difference between what some of you are saying and what she said are completely different. Calling her ugly, stay out of people lives, horrible music. Where do you people get off by putting someone down, does it make you feel better about yourselves? I never go around putting people down because it makes no sense, I have opinions and maybe they are not the nicest at every moment, but I don't go about by posting these disgusting words of hate, envy, and hurt for others can see just how screwed up one can be inside.

Grow the fuck up! Let this dude, rihanna, and everyone else live their lives in peace, no one needs shitty input. If she is happy let her be happy, if you got nothing nice to say don't say it, your comments are worthless as "none of these people will read them" and finally spread the love not the ignorance.

Um, who cares either way....if he is gay, he's a closet case, which means he garners no respect from me, even if he suddenly finds his way out of the closet.  If he's straight, he's straight.  So either way, I couldn't care less....  But whomever mentioned his eyebrows, um...yep.

Have you checked out the eyebrows on Cristiano?  He has very gay eyebrows!

Um sorry those aren't 'gay' eyebrows, I'm gay and mine are huge lol

That is a trend that way too many guys are into, gay and straight. Just like shaving and waxing all the hair off your body. Ridiculous if you ask me

True or not... but when did being gay become a breaking news. Really?  

What is news is when someone who has been battered still continues her ties with the perpetrator!

OUTTED LOL, any gay man or typical person can obviously see he is gay.. now its just official.  

Who gives a rats ass? Rihanna just needs to stir some bs because she finds her relevancy from it...Her sound is wack as hell(strangled cat who smokes)...all she can do is prance in ugly homie looking clothing to stark attention.....For her to say that about Rinaldo shows her lack of integrity and she can't be trusted obviously... She needs to sit down and make boat tunes....

Rihanna needs to stick to her failing attempt to make what she calls "music" and stay out of the lives of other people. She's the least attractive thing to come out of Barbados since the Portuguese introduced wild hogs to it in the 1500's.

If Cristiano came to her concert and then backstage to take photos with her and tweet them, obviously he enjoys her music, enjoys being photographed with her and enjoys her presence.  That would make her, in his opinion, successful on the music front, attractive enough to be photographed with and welcomed in his life. And what is also obvious is that if you took the time to craft these hate filled messages, she's pretty relevant to you guys as well. 

Racist much?

Calling her out for bad music has nothing to do with race, neither does saying anything bad about Barbados. Why do people automatically assume that if anything bad is said about an ethnic or non-white celebrity that it is racist? Can we not simply criticize them based on their talent? YOU are creating a problem about race when the original poster didn't even imply anything about blacks at all. Get a life and stop creating race issues when their is none to begin with.
And for the record- her music is garbage, and it has nothing to do with skin color... I would still say her music is garbage if she was white, latino, asian or any other race/ethnicity. She is pure garbage, period. Leave skin color out of it, she's trash based on her lack of talent and constant whoring.

Wow. Youre an idiot. A complete dip shit fucktard. Calm down and re-read the original post. He actually did say something about race. Go back to third grade and learn how to read. I hate people like you, trying to call out people for saying things that are completely true. And actually, her music isn't garbage. When you have that many albums, #1 hits, grammys and fans, then you can say she has "shit music" but until then, stop being a jelous asshole and grow the fuck up.

I agree with you 100%, RealityCheck.

I think he was referring to this line, which has nothing to do with her music:  "She's the least attractive thing to come out of Barbados since the Portuguese introduced wild hogs to it in the 1500's"

Why would this be our business.  None of us would have wanted to be outed by other's terms... why are we celebrating this?

Futbol not Futon, LOL!

Why does it matter if he is or is not? He is still the same person, and the best futon player in the world.

Cause now we can have our dreams, lol.

Sweet pixy stix, yes please.

He was just photographed last week laying out on some boat with, what can only be assumed, was his boyfriend.  I thought it was pretty well known he was most likely gay.

It's really none of our business.

We need to get a comment from Christiano, maybe he is ready smiley


We can only hope.

that smy man

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