Longtime Fox News Producer Testifies Before Duma: God Called On Russia "To Stand Up For Traditional Values"

Former Fox News producer Jack Hanick applauded Russia what he calls obeying God and inciting a war on its own gay people. Hanick gave the handjob worthy speech during testimony before the Russian Duma in June, during a roundtable titled "Traditional Values: The Future of the European Peoples" that ultimately lead to a ban on adoption for loving same-sex couples.

Right Wing Watch reports:

Russian news reports mention that also present to give the American perspective was a man named Jack Hanick. On his LinkedIn page and in interviews, Hanick describes himself as a founding employee of Fox News, who worked there for 15 years as a news director. Fox News confirmed that Hanick was an employee from 1996 through 2011 where he worked in "a production role dealing with the visual aspects of the show" rather than in any "editorial capacity."

Hanick told the roundtable that God had called on Russia to "stand up for traditional values."

Right Wing Watch further noted that Hanick told a Russian magazine in August that he admired Russia's increasingly theocratic state. The Russian Orthodox Church has often colluded with President Vladimir Putin - and lent crucial support to the country's anti-gay laws - and Hanick thinks the U.S. has a lot to learn from this model.

"In Russia the issue of separation of church and state, obviously, is much less of an issue," Hanick reportedly told the magazine, "and I see this as a positive thing."

National Organization for Marriage leader Brian Brown was also gave testimony and helped craft the law that kept needy children from finding a safe, loving home with a same-sex couple. 



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