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City Overrides Police Chief's Order That Officers March In Gay Pride Parade

In an attempt to show that Columbia, South Carolina is an inclusive city, the city's police chief Ruben Santiago ordered ten officers to march in the state's Gay Pride Parade. Two officers objected, but it initially appeared that they would be forced to participate--that is, until Columbia city officials intervened on their behalf.

The Associated Press reports:

Columbia officials have overridden a decision by interim police chief Ruben Santiago to order two officers to march in the South Carolina Gay Pride Parade even though they did not want to participate.

Santiago had ordered a lieutenant and sergeant to join eight other officers in last Saturday's parade even though they cited religious beliefs in their opposition.

On the day of the parade, City Manager Teresa Wilson and her assistant met with Santiago and reached an agreement to make participation in the parade voluntary since there were then enough officers to march.

Santiago says the agreement included no disciplinary action for the officers, whose names were not released.

Wilson says the department's participation in the parade was an important signal of the city's commitment to inclusiveness.

What do you think, Instincters? Did the city make the right move? Would it have been fair to order officers to participate in a Gay Pride parade without their expressed desire?


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The people marching do it because they are FREE to do it...forcing the officers to do it for PR...kinda goes against the whole freedom thing.

Absolutely not! Never force someone to do something like this. It is repugnant!

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