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Video: Awkward Gay Kissing Vlogger Asks Guys: "Do You Think I'm Gay?"

"Awkward Gay Kissing" vlogger Mark Miller already made the rounds with the women and proved that their gaydar is way off, so now he's asking the boys!

Think men will more accurately guess Mark's sexual orientation?

Surprised by their guesses, Instincters?


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As a gay man, I've had more than a few women and men not even believe me when I tell them I'm gay. Some of them think I'm joking at first. As one of the guys in the video says "dressing a certain way doesn't make you gay".. he is partially right.

Nothing makes you 'gay' except, actually being gay. There are no gay shirts, or pants, or belts. Maybe if you put them all together you may appear fashionable, which can be misconstrued as gay.


Before someone goes off and says, "You missed the point of the video hurr durr," I didn't miss it. I just don't see a difference between people who are gay, straight, bi, etc... Love who you love. <3 

being gay in this day and age isnt really a issue the only ones that have a problem are the beer and larger soccer watching types good video


The UK

And the objective of producing this video is??? This experiment proofs absolutely nothing that being gay in the 22nd century is not a problem. There are many facts within the scenario just watched which are off in many ways. The fact is that more young people are coming out as being gay/lesbian. However, there is also an increase in the number of suicide attempts and bullying incidents occurring. One fact that is clear within this video is that the more macho/jock you are the easier it can be to come out. Indicating that flamboyant guys and macho girls have a much harder path of being excepted for their sexuality preference.

Nice work Mark.  Very interesting.  Thanks

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